Season 1 Episode 4

Safe as Houses

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 1994 on NBC
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Safe as Houses
Nate Benedict fakes his own death and escapes to a small town, Mesa Rose. He systematically takes over and the citizens are powerless against him. The Viper team arrives in town and decides to help the citizens.

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    Adam Hendershott

    Adam Hendershott

    T.J. Jackson

    Guest Star

    Jack Shearer

    Jack Shearer

    Nate Benedict

    Guest Star

    Jamie Rose

    Jamie Rose

    Gloria Jackson

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      • (Frankie shows an interview tape which may have a lead to why Benedict faked his death)
        Frankie: (about Gloria) Point of interest, this woman is a professor of sociology, specialising in urban decay and modern day mythology. A professional cynic, not likely to be making this stuff up.
        Wilkes: Frankie, just let us see it!
        Frankie: Okay, okay, Julian, don't get your fender in a bender!

      • Gloria: What else did we talk about?
        T.J.: The Viper Defender guy, he's not real.
        Gloria: Right.
        T.J.: He's just a story.
        Gloria: Because people wanna believe there's some superhero out there who'll come along and solve all their problems. And why is that dangerous, T.J.? It can be used as an excuse for what?
        T.J.: Not solving our own problems.

      • Gloria: Why don't you tell me, why are you carrying a gun? For protection? I mean, has the world really become such a vile dangerous place that normal citizens have to carry guns to protect themselves?
        Joe: I hope not.

      • T.J: The Viper Defender guy can do anything. He could even come here and help us, if he wanted to.
        Joe: Maybe he still will, when the time is right.

      • Gloria: In the city, every time T.J. saw a Viper sports car he'd ask if the driver was the Defender in disguise. I'm afraid since we've moved back here that his fascination with that foolishness has gotten worse.
        Joe: Why'd you call it that?
        Gloria: I believe in positive role models, Mr. Astor, not fantasies. A major part of my career's been spent debunking folk tales and urban legends such as that one.
        Joe: What's so bad about a nine year old who wants to believe there's someone out there who's trying to make things better?

      • Gloria: T.J told me what happened with those creeps over at the old bank building. I'm sorry you had to go through that.
        Joe: I've been through worse.
        Gloria: To be pushed like that and just walk away, not a lot men would have had the strength of character to do that.

      • T.J.: (about Joe) He's a coward!
        Gloria: T.J.!
        T.J.: Well, he is, he just ran away.
        Gloria: T.J., you're being rude. We talked about this, Mr Astor was being non-confrontational. He's to be commended for that. Nothing's ever solved by fighting.

      • (After Joe has a confrontation with some of Benedict's men)
        T.J.: Didn't you wanna hit them?
        Joe: Yeah, I did.
        T.J.: Then why didn't you?
        Joe: Ah, it wasn't the right time. They were trying to get me to fight, it's what they wanted. Why should I give them what they want?
        T.J.: You mean you'd fight if you could be the one to pick when to start it?
        Joe: I mean nobody should be able to force you into doing something you don't wanna do.

      • T.J: You're just like my mom. First she says 'stand up for yourself,' then she says 'don't fight.' I don't get it. Sometimes you have to fight.
        Joe: I think your mom knows that, T.J. As far as I can see, she's about as tough as they come, your grandpa too. They've been standing tall against some pretty big odds.

      • (Frankie went to the morgue on Joe's request to verify the identity of a body)
        Frankie: The morgue, my friend. Hey poking around dead people in the dark, not my idea of having a good time!
        Wilkes: You got the dental impressions.
        Frankie: Oh yeah and you owe me lunch on account I lost mine.

    • NOTES (1)

      • In Memory of Marc Yobs (December 16, 1941 to January 17, 1994), who died with Karen Osterholt in the Northridge earthquake. Their home, which was built on a hill & support by slits, collapsed and slid down the hill.

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