Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Mar 11, 1994 on NBC
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When several members of the "Outfit" are murdered, Joe ends up undercover and partnered with a police detective, who is the suspected vigilante.

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    Carol Huston

    Carol Huston

    Lieutenant Sally Gerraro

    Guest Star

    Richard Burgi

    Richard Burgi

    Lane Cassidy

    Guest Star

    Vito D'Ambrosio

    Vito D'Ambrosio

    Milt Kisco

    Guest Star

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      • Sally: I need a break, you wanna meet me at Kildares?
        Joe: Sure, when?
        Sally: Uh, eleven? Oh, and maybe change the jacket. You do own something with lapels?
        Joe: I might.

      • Sally: How'd you get here so fast, Shephard?
        Shepard: I've got my sources.
        Sally: So do sewers, but they don't brag about it.

      • Sally: This is a date, right? (Joe shrugs) Okay, so you be the boy and I'll be the girl.
        Joe: Think I can handle that.
        Sally: Maybe if you're really nice, I'll let you pick up the check.

      • (Inside the Viper base)
        Sally: Some clubhouse, Astor.
        Wilkes: Joe teach you the secret handshake yet?
        Joe: I'm working on it.

      • Joe: You're smart, determined, funny. It'd be funnier than hell if it didn't come out so bitter but....
        Sally: Nice try, Astor, but you know they already wrote all those lines in every yearbook I ever owed.

      • Shepard: Keep it up, two seconds more you're gonna have a police brutality case that'll bring this city to its knees.
        Joe: I don't work for the police. Know what that means? No rules, no rights. (he gestures to his gun) You see this? No paperwork if my gun should just happen to go off. So you give me your best sound-bite before I lose my patience!

      • Cassidy: (to Joe and Sally) You saved my life, both of you. I owe you one.
        Joe: Don't hold your breath waiting for us to collect.

      • Sally: So, the two big heroes save the biggest bad guy the city's got.
        Joe: Yeah, well, someday Cassidy'll pay for his crimes and by the book.
        Sally: We can dream.

      • Sally: As for you...(she grabs him by the lapels)
        Joe: Hey, last time I saw you grab somebody like that, they ended up on the floor.
        Sally: That's not where I'm planning on having you land, Joe. (She kiss him)

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