Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1997 on NBC
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When the city is terrorized by an imitation of the Viper/Defender, the city officials issues orders to have the Viper team shut down. The team must work to clear their name without the aid of the Defender.

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    Dawn Stern

    Dawn Stern

    Allie Farrow

    Heather Medway

    Heather Medway

    Cameron Westlake

    Jeff Kaake

    Jeff Kaake

    Thomas Cole

    Joe Nipote

    Joe Nipote

    Franklin "Frankie" X. Waters

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      • Frankie: (after he has been locked in a dumpster) Since you're here, you wanna go grab a cup of coffee?
        Cole: Not with you wearing yesterday's grounds!

      • Frankie: This girl is like no one I've ever gone out with before.
        Cole: She's the only one you've ever gone out with.
        Frankie: Ah ha, you know that's real funny.

      • Cameron: (about photographs of Frankie's girlfriend) Are those piercings for real?
        Frankie: Absolutely, and she's got some for real in places you wouldn't even believe, let me tell....
        Cameron: (interrupting hurriedly) Oh, I believe.

      • Cyrus: We all marched with Colonel Dekker in the service enough. He was more than a leader, he was a teacher and a friend. He showed us that fighting for the man was a loser's game and self-sacrifice a load of crap. If you lay down your life, don't do it for the man, do it for yourself. Dekker followed that creed until the moment he was killed, until the moment they destroyed him. But they're not going to stop us this time. The jobs we've pulled the last few months have all been leading to this – our revenge. Once we shut them down, we can do whatever we want.

      • Cameron: (about Dominique and Frankie) Is it me or are they the ultimate odd couple?
        Cole: Well, love is blind.

      • (Frankie's girlfriend goes undercover to meet a dangerous criminal)
        Frankie: I still don't know why you won't let me monitor what's going on in there.
        Cole: You're too emotionally involved. Just keep an eye on the rear door and let us know what's going on back there.
        Frankie: Emotionally involved. I'm Italian, what'd you expect?

      • (Frankie has scared off a suspect)
        Cole: Frankie really blew this one.
        Dominique: Yeah, but you've gotta love him.
        Cole: Not right now I don't.

      • Administrator: You can continue your daily business in the Viper, but you will be monitored. Any detection of vehicle transformation will result in complete shutdown.
        Cole: You might as well put me in a boxing ring and tie my hands behind my back.
        Administrator: Politics, Mr. Cole, politics.

      • Cameron: If only I'd stopped Cyrus when I had the chance.
        Cole: When did you have a chance?
        Cameron: When he shot Carpenter.
        Cole: Come on, it was a battlefield outside that bank. Dekker's gang had the place outgunned.
        Cameron: Look, I didn't make a move. I just watched him die.
        Cole: So what do think would've happened if you'd have pulled your gun? Come on, you know as well as I you'd have been dead too. Now stop beating yourself up, lets figure out how to nail this psycho.

      • (As the team make their way through underground tunnels, Frankie yelps)
        Cameron: What is it now, Frankie?
        Frankie: Something just brushed against my ankle, okay?
        Allie: (laughing) Remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

      • Cole: Cross your fingers and pray.
        Frankie: Superstition and religion, I guess we're covered.

      • Frankie: So once again, the politicians take all the glory.
        Cole: You're looking for glory, Frankie, you're on the wrong team.

      • Frankie: (about Dominique) Thought I'd take her up to Inspiration Point. (Cameron and Allie laugh) What?
        Cameron: You're taking her parking at Inspiration Point? That's for high school kids.
        Frankie: And the young at heart. See you later, kids. (he leaves)
        Cole: You ever think maybe he knows something we don't?
        Allie & Cameron: No.
        Cole: Me either.

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