Season 2 Episode 10

Street Pirates

Aired Unknown Nov 30, 1996 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Street Pirates
When a band of thieves targets the Viper, the team must work overtime to protect the Defender.

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    Dawn Stern

    Dawn Stern

    Allie Farrow

    Heather Medway

    Heather Medway

    Cameron Westlake

    Jeff Kaake

    Jeff Kaake

    Thomas Cole

    Joe Nipote

    Joe Nipote

    Franklin "Frankie" X. Waters

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      • (Following a truck)
        Cameron: They're hauling a UAV.
        Frankie: Oh yeah? Let me guess, Unisex Adult Voyeur?
        Allie: Hardly, an Unmanned Assault Vehicle.
        Frankie: I like my name for it better.

      • Cole: My dad said promotions were for people too busy promoting themselves to get the real job done. I guess that's why the Army took so long to give him his Lieutenant's bars.

      • (After Mick's death)
        Jules: Mick wasn't a quitter. He stuck with the job and he knew the risk.
        Evie: Now I know. That's why I'm leaving.

      • Allie: Is this Shelia Wagner thing really getting to you?
        Cameron: Yeah, the bottom line is I'm out there everyday putting my life on the line with you guys and Shelia is a lousy undistinguished cop who wouldn't know a crime scene if it jumped up and bit her in the butt. So why is it that she's got a Lieutenant's plaque on her door and I've got a black hole in my resume?
        Allie: Look, Cam, I know we don't make headlines, I know we don't get medals, but we do make a difference out there. I guess you just have to decide for yourself whether that's enough.

      • Evie: Mick and I started out boosting electronic gear just to survive. He took me in, showed me the ropes.
        Cole You ever had a straight job?
        Evie: This is all I know. How about you?
        Cole: Once, a long time ago.
        Evie: You like it?
        Cole: Beats the hell out of wondering if we're gonna do ten to twenty behind bars. It's freedom.

      • Evie: You really think I could turn things around?
        Cole: I think with your brains, you can do anything you set your mind to.

      • Cole: (giving Cameron his father's Army Lieutenant bars) For recognition of distinguished service above and beyond the call of duty.
        Cameron: These are your father's, I can't.
        Cole: He would have wanted you to have them.
        Cameron: You know, I think I would have liked your father.
        Cole: Yeah, you would have.

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