Season 2 Episode 4

Talk is Cheap

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1996 on NBC
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Talk is Cheap
A talk-show host is targeted by a killer who has a unique way of getting rid of the bodies of his victims.

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Dawn Stern

Dawn Stern

Allie Farrow

Heather Medway

Heather Medway

Cameron Westlake

Jeff Kaake

Jeff Kaake

Thomas Cole

Joe Nipote

Joe Nipote

Franklin "Frankie" X. Waters

John Tench

John Tench


Guest Star

Jennifer Burry

Jennifer Burry

Jessica St. James

Guest Star

Frank Cassini

Frank Cassini

Lieutenant Romero

Guest Star

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    • Jay: What do you look like?
      Caller: Well, I have a fantastic body.
      Jay: Fantastic body? That means, you got a face like, what, the bad end of a baboon?

    • Cole: A whole afternoon down the drain just trying to fix a ticket.
      Cameron: We're talking about twenty-seven moving violations in a month, you set a new city record.
      Cole: What do you expect, they've got cameras and light pools just looking for guys like me.
      Cameron: I expect you to keep it under ninety in town!

    • Molloy: Are you telling me Jay Lowery, the disc jockey, and his legion of morons have more clout in this city than I do, is that what you're saying to me?
      Jessica: No, I'm not. I'm just saying that people listen to him, that's all.
      Molloy: Yeah? Well, listen to me. I'll take care of Lowery and anyone else stupid enough to get in my way. But know this, if I go down, you go down, and baby, believe me, your fall is gonna hurt a lot more than mine, I promise.

    • Cameron: (about Jay Lowery's radio show) Do we have to be subjected to this garbage?
      Frankie: Hey, Westlake, one man's garbage is another man's delicacy, you know?

    • Cameron: (about Jay Lowery) I only had to listen to him once to realize that he's an obnoxious egomaniac who hates women.
      Frankie: Now that's where you're confused, Westlake. Jay Lowry doesn't hate women, he worships them.
      Cole: Almost as much as he worships himself.

    • Jay: What's going on with this city? I mean, we've got dangerous vigilantes running around in some armed and deadly mystery car? I mean, who is it? Who are they? Whose accountable? Lets find out and if it's the police, I guarantee you this lethal weapon on wheels is one more step to a total fascist police state.

    • Jay: You know why a guy like me can be so loved and hated at the same time? Because people are starved for the truth and they wanna have some fun.

    • Cameron: (about Frankie) Where's he going?
      Allie: To touch the hem of Jay Lowery's garment.
      Cameron: He tried to get me to touch more than his hem today. I'm still nauseous.

    • Cole: We're involved in a special project to clean up crime.
      Jay: You see, there it is. We're fighting the same fight, only I sit on my ass and I rant and rave and you actually get up and do something about it.

    • (Jay has escaped from the safe house)
      Frankie: I don't believe this, my idol pulls a Houdini on me, right from under my nose.
      Cole: Have you seen your nose?

    • Cole: (to Jay) Don't you ever get sick of being a self-centred jackass?

    • Jay: (to Cole) I'm not pretty, I'm not young, I'm not smart. I mean, look, I had to invent me. I'm Jay Lowery, the demon of morning radio. If I can't be that, you might as well shoot me yourself.

    • Jay: It's great to be back, great to be alive. No one likes the sound of my own voice better than me and let that be a lesson to all the slimeballs out there who think they can stop me from speaking the truth. You know, I've got friends out there who would love nothing more than to kick your ass. They did it to that lowlife, Terry Molloy, and they can do it to you. Now when I spoke about these people before, I misunderstood. But they're out there fighting the good fight, trying to make this cesspool of a city a safer place to be. I want to thank them for all their help and wish them luck in everything they take on.

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