Season 1 Episode 7

The Face

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1994 on NBC
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The Face
"The Face", a famous hit man, has just been released from prison. His plans to go straight are jeopardized when his former employer kidnaps his wife to force him to do one last hit. Through the Consortium, he asks Joe Astor for help.

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    Tim Thomerson

    Tim Thomerson

    Lyle Hinkle aka "The Face"

    Guest Star

    Amy Steel

    Amy Steel

    Lisa Hinkle

    Guest Star

    Vincent Guastaferro

    Vincent Guastaferro


    Guest Star

    Lee Chamberlin

    Lee Chamberlin

    Commander Delia Thorne

    Recurring Role

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Goof: The boom mike is in shot at the top of the screen when Delia meets with Wilkes and Joe at the beginning of the episode.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Lynheim: How are you, Lyle?
        Lyle: This guy sticks a gun in my face, then one tosses me into a car, how do you think I am?

      • (Lynheim is holding Lyle's wife hostage)
        Lynheim: I want you to kill someone.
        Lyle: I don't do that any more, I can't.
        Lynheim: Yeah? Well, blood doesn't wash that easily, my friend. You think it over and you call me tomorrow. One way or another, someone's going to die. Don't make it be your lovely wife.

      • Joe: (about Lyle) How serious is this guy about changing his life?
        Delia: I don't know. But I believe everyone deserves a second chance.

      • Lyle: I guess Delia told you my story, who I was, what I was.
        Joe: Yeah, well that's all history. What we're interested in is the here and now.

      • (Frankie accidentally scares off their client)
        Frankie: What'd you want from me, blood?
        Joe: Don't tempt me!

      • Joe: If we're going by your place, we should leave the car in Defender mode.
        Frankie: Hey, I keep a meticulous abode, Joe, and I take umbridge to that remark.
        Joe: Take whatever you want, but the last time I was there, I thought you had patterned wallpaper, until it moved!
        Frankie: Can I help it if the cockroaches like my cooking?

      • Lyle: All my life I had this empty place inside. Then I met Lisa, she's a teacher. I used to go talk to kids about prison, try to scare them into being good. The day I walked into her class, everything changed. One minute you're one person, the next minute you're not. That ever happen to you?
        Joe: Yeah, more or less.

      • Lyle: Why're you doing this?
        Joe: Redemption, Lyle. It works. I've been there.

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