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Season 1 Episode 11

Thief of Hearts

Aired Unknown Mar 18, 1994 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Thief of Hearts
When a young girl's artificial heart is stolen, Joe sets of to find the heart. Only he finds himself running out of time as her condition deteriorates.

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    Douglas Roberts

    Douglas Roberts

    Dr. Daniels

    Guest Star

    Natanya Ross

    Natanya Ross


    Guest Star

    Signy Coleman

    Signy Coleman

    Sylvia Ehrengraf

    Guest Star

    Fay Hauser

    Fay Hauser


    Recurring Role

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      • (Thieves steal a revolutionary artificial heart and put it up for auction online)
        Sylvia: Still waiting on Mr. Johansen?
        Stathis: Yes, he's jetting in from Sweden to participate in the bidding personally, though frankly, I think he'd rather be bidding to buy you.

      • Joe: Julian, you are a genius.
        Wilkes: Ah, just don't let it get around.

      • Price: My sense of humor is fading rapidly, young woman. Give me my heart.
        Sylvia: It's not yours yet.
        Price: You've been richly rewarded.
        Sylvia: I changed my mind. That is a woman's prerogative now, isn't it?

      • Joe: Leonard Price, the billionaire? He's supposed to be a legendary nutcase, isn't he?
        Wilkes: Well, the press is a little kinder. They just call him 'eccentric.'

      • Frankie: (about Sylvia) This dame is dangerously hot – a thief, a con artist, without an ounce of conscience in her soul.
        Joe: That's if she has a soul.

      • Wilkes: I'm coming with you, Joe.
        Joe: Think that's such a good idea?
        Wilkes: Look, Mara and I have known Kim since she was a newborn. I can't just sit back here and watch. What's wrong with you to get that hard?
        Joe: After all the grief you've given me about letting my personal feelings take over, you expect me to just bring you along?
        Wilkes: Damn right I do!

      • (Sylvia blows cigarette smoke into a dying Price's face)
        Price: I hope your lungs are as black as your soul!

      • Sylvia: (to Dr Daniels about the heart she just stole for Price) When Price comes out of surgery, I want you to tell that old buzzard that I want the combination to that vault downstairs or I'll tear that heart out of his chest, bare-handed.

      • Sylvia: (to Joe) You're a liar, now you're a sneak. Next thing I know, you'll be parking in handicap spaces.

      • Joe: Just once, I'd like to meet somebody from my past who doesn't have an axe to grind!

      • Joe: (about Sylvia) She and I had a stand-off. She dared me to shoot her, kill her right there.
        Wilkes: She knew you wouldn't do it.
        Joe: Of course, she knew I wouldn't do it. I guess bad as my former self was, he never liked pulling the trigger. Sometimes, sometimes I wish Payton had a worse reputation, might make things a little easier.

      • Joe: (to Wilkes, about the artificial heart) Put a jacket or something over that thing. It doesn't exactly look like a valentine!

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