Season 3 Episode 16

Trust No One

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1998 on NBC



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    • Cameron: You see Catlett on the news?
      Cole: Yes. You'd think by now he'd have learned how not to be ambushed by the press.
      Cameron: Yeah, right. His problem is he mistakes attention for affection.

    • Alicia: It wasn't a mass suicide. Peter was murdered by the government.
      Marguerite: What? Are you sure?
      Alicia: I'm positive.
      Marguerite: Wow, that is just another example of the lies that pass for news.
      Ulysses: Then what the hell you doing working for a news station?
      Marguerite: It's called infiltration, doorknob!

    • Cameron: (about Alicia) Here's her psych profile.
      Cole: (reading from the computer screen) Harbors illusions, bordering on paranoia, a deep distrust of authority, and belongs to a number of radical conspiracy groups.
      Frankie: Okay, so in other words she's crazy as a bed bug!
      Cameron: Yeah and she's Peter Markham's sister.
      Frankie: So, maybe insanity runs in the family.

    • (Cole steps onto a welcome mat and a beeping starts)
      Cole: I think I just triggered some sort of mine. Check out that thermostat, will you?
      Cameron: Don't move.
      Cole: I promise; I'm not going anywhere.

    • Cameron: We need to have a look at the FBI's reports on Haven of Hope.
      Catlett: Are you listening? We are off this case. All documents pertaining to Peter Markham and the Haven of Hope have been classified Level 16 and God's only got clearance for Level 12!

    • Cole: We'll do what we can to get you protective custody, but you've gotta tell us everything. Otherwise, we take you in now and you're on your own.
      Ellerbee: Protective custody? You don't get it. You can't protect me from the people who want me dead.
      Cameron: It's your choice.
      Ellerbee: Dying here or in custody, that's no choice. Here's my offer, I'll tell you everything, you let me go.
      Cameron: Forget it.
      Ellerbee: Well then kill me now.

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