Season 2 Episode 13

Turf Wars

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 1997 on NBC
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Turf Wars
The Viper team is assigned to stop a gang war between two rival factions, and a 13-year-old gets caught in the middle of the fighting.

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    Dawn Stern

    Dawn Stern

    Allie Farrow

    Heather Medway

    Heather Medway

    Cameron Westlake

    Jeff Kaake

    Jeff Kaake

    Thomas Cole

    Joe Nipote

    Joe Nipote

    Franklin "Frankie" X. Waters

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      • (Two members of a gang discussing the meeting with a rival gang)
        Paul: It's a senior meeting, little man, you ain't invited.
        Kyle: Man, that's cold.
        Paul: Well, life's cold. Dress accordingly.

      • (The Metropol police force is on strike for a pay rise)
        Cameron: So what are we supposed to do, just sit back and watch this city go up in flames and do nothing? Frankie, I support what they're fighting for, but our team is under federal jurisdiction now.
        Frankie: Look, I'm still a cop to the bone, no matter whose jurisdiction I'm under, all right? But I feel like just such a scab being out here with you guys. I mean, what about you, Allie? You standing behind me?
        Allie: Only if someone's firing bullets.

      • Cole: Could you canvas the area, see if there's any witnesses?
        Frankie: Look, I'll support you morally and mechanically until this strike is over, all right? But until then, I'm not gonna be a traitor to my brothers in blue.
        Cole: Are you serious?
        Frankie: I hope you understand.

      • Kyle: So, Officer Westlake, what kinda cop looks like you?
        Cameron: One who hates seeing a scared little kid trying to act like a macho sleaze-bag.

      • Cole: Sanders predicted this was going to happen in Metro. His assistant, Grace Mayfield, spent several weeks studying our increased gang activity. Apparently we're something of a phenomenon.
        Frankie: Oh yeah? Why's that?
        Cameron: Well, our two biggest gangs, the Metro City Boys and the Vigilantes, they're both made up of kids from upper and middle class families.
        Frankie: So, they're polite when they mug you.

      • (An informant, Fosnight, runs away when Cameron and Cole want to talk to him)
        Cole: It's your turn.
        Cameron: I could use the exercise.

      • Cameron: You know, the first body I ever saw was a gangbanger about your age. I was a rookie on a crash unit, we answered a 911 call. I saw this kid on a corner, just crumpled up against the curb. He was pumped so full of holes, I don't think there was a drop of blood left in his body. Stay safe, Kyle.

      • Cole: I thought you were on strike?
        Frankie: Yeah well supporting your friends' labour demands, that's one thing. But backing up your partners? Well, that's another.
        Cole: It's about time.

      • Kyle: (about his parents) What did you say to them anyway? I mean, well, ever since you talked to them they've been acting....well, things have been kinda different. They actually pay attention to me now.
        Cameron: That's good, but you know you can't lay everything that happened onto your parents. You're gonna have to take responsibility too.
        Kyle: Yeah, I know.

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