Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1997 on NBC
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When Lennox, Cole's former mentor, escapes from prison, the Viper team is assigned to capture him. Lennox has his own plan in mind, revenge on Cole.

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    Dawn Stern

    Dawn Stern

    Allie Farrow

    Heather Medway

    Heather Medway

    Cameron Westlake

    Jeff Kaake

    Jeff Kaake

    Thomas Cole

    Joe Nipote

    Joe Nipote

    Franklin "Frankie" X. Waters

    Callum Keith Rennie

    Callum Keith Rennie

    William T. Lenox

    Guest Star

    Gerry Rousseau

    Gerry Rousseau

    Eli Reed

    Guest Star

    Marcie Mellish

    Marcie Mellish

    Dana Marie Callow

    Guest Star

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      • Frankie: (giving Cameron his fish in a bowl to hold) Don't shake him, okay? He gets seasick.
        Cameron: He's a fish.
        Frankie: Your point being what?

      • Simon: A cockroach couldn't break into this place.
        Allie: Not unless they know their way around motion sensors, thermal seals and room-to-room laser triggers.
        Simon: I'm surprised they didn't use you for the recent White House renovations.
        Allie: Actually they did.

      • Cameron: There was a black ops mission in Beirut, it's MO was very similar to this one. It was the first time women were used in that kind of operation.
        Cole: It was over two years ago and classified. How'd you find out about it?
        Cameron: Do you think you were the only one with sources?
        Cole: Not any more.

      • Allie: (about Lai) I really feel sorry for Cole having to work with that woman.
        Cameron: I don't.
        Allie: Why?
        Cameron: Because when she's through with him, he's really gonna appreciate working with me.

      • Lai: Everything to you Americans is a joke. Meanwhile, your country is filled with violence.
        Cole: I think you've been watching way too many movies.
        Lai: And I think you are naïve. Just take a look around you, crime is rampant here.
        Cole: Look, I never said we didn't have our share of problems, just like any other country, including yours.
        Lai: We don't have nearly the problems you have here.
        Cole: Or the freedom. Now we may pay a price for that freedom, but I wouldn't change it for anything.

      • Lai: Americans are too materialistic. It's true I own a leather jacket, but its purely functional.
        Cole: You own a leather jacket 'cause you bought it, that's capitalism.

      • Cole: (about Frankie fixing the Viper) Do what you can.
        Frankie: Yeah, but you know I'm not a miracle worker.
        Cole: Saint Frankie's got a nice ring to it.

      • Lenox: You just couldn't stand it, Cole, could you? Couldn't stand I was a better driver.
        Cole: You think I turned you in because I'm jealous?
        Lenox: You never had the chops, man, you know that.
        Cole: You son of a bitch!
        Lenox: There's that temper again, losing your cool, right when you shouldn't. That's your downfall, Cole. That's why I'll always be better than you.

      • (Talking about Cole and Lenox)
        Cameron: I've never met anyone more cool-headed behind the wheel than you.
        Cole: You didn't know me back then. When I was in training, my temper was my biggest downfall. He always said he was better because he could focus and feel nothing.
        Cameron: But that's why he's goading you. He thinks if he can make you lose it, that you'll make a fatal mistake.
        Cole: So far he's managed to prove that I'm the same old hot-head I used to be.
        Cameron: Yeah, well it's not over yet.

      • Lenox: (about the Chinese artifact) Bet its worth some serious money.
        Simon: It's what it represents that's priceless.
        Lenox: Folks like you always want what you can't have. All the dough in the world and there are still some things your money can't buy. That drives you crazy, doesn't it?

      • Cameron: (about Lenox) You're gonna beat this guy, Cole. I know you will.
        Cole: What makes you so sure?
        Cameron: Because whatever he's got on you is old stuff. Besides, good cops only get better with age.

      • Lai: I'm sorry, we didn't get to know each other a little better. You should visit China sometime.
        Cole: Yeah, I hear you have a great wall there. I'd like to check it out.
        Lai: Don't wait too long. Walls come down all the time.

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