Season 1 Episode 8

Wheels of Fire

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1994 on NBC
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Wheels of Fire
Joe falls for the inventor of a highly efficient car battery, but painful memories of his murdered fiancé surface when her life is threatened. Meanwhile, the discovery of a long-lost concept car shocks everyone.

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      • Garrett: Everything has a price tag and everyone. All it needs is stepping up the pressure.

      • Garrett: I think I'll negotiate this deal myself.
        Jack: (about Ella) I'm not gonna let you strong arm her. That way of business died with your father.
        Garrett: You know, Jack, for an old boy of your mileage, that's an amazingly naïve comment.

      • Baxley: I would like to give you some advice. There are people from Berlin Petroleum here. If they offer a partnership, decline.
        Ella: Are you an investment counsellor?
        Baxley: Just a student of history.

      • Garrett: I think we can take care of your financial worries.
        Ella: I'm not a cheap ticket, Mr Berlin.
        Garrett: Good, I've always admired women with high expense. They have intent.
        Ella: Everyone has intent.

      • Wilkes: I can't believe you're alive!
        Baxley: Sometimes, I can't believe it myself.

      • (Ella has been almost killed, reminding Joe of the death of his fiancée)
        Joe: I can't go on agonizing over the lives of people I love.
        Baxley: What man doesn't, Joe? Look, maybe you love because you fight for what you believe in. My own tragedy was mistaking the loss of one battle over the entire war.
        Joe: How you supposed to know? How'd you make that call?
        Baxley: I'll ask you the question that haunts me. If you could go back, knowing what you know, would you have given them the car, to have her alive? Come on, Joe, the machine or the woman? Choose.
        Joe: The woman, of course. I'd get to have her back.

      • Joe: How long before the pain of losing your wife went away?
        Baxley: I'll let you know when it does.

      • Jack: Go to hell.
        Garrett: I'll save you a seat, Jack.

      • Baxley: Your old business partner, Jonathan Berlin, was lucky. After you two turned me into a living corpse, Jonathan only had to go a couple of years before that stroke put him in the ground. But you, Jack, how did you survive the weight of all those secrets, all that time?
        Jack: Baxley, there's something you should know.
        Baxley: Ah yes, confession's good for what's left of your soul.

      • Joe: (about Baxley) For a second life, he's a pretty remarkable guy. He helped me take a look at who I am.
        Ella: You like what you see?
        Joe: Yeah.

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