Viper's Creed

Animax Entertainment (ended 2009)


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  • This is an above average anime show with some very nice character dynamics, and definitely one of the better shows from the January line up.

    The show is set in a post-appocalyptic future where years of wars have lead to economic collapse and the lose of infrastructure. As various cities attempt to rebuild in the aftermath, they come under attack from various terrorist groups. Because of this Private Military Corporations have sprung up and now elite mercenaries known as Blademen are hired along with their high-tech vehicles to protect the cities. This show follows one group of blademen known as Viper Unit as they protect a toen called Daiva City.

    The shows premise is nothing new but the character's and their dynamics are actually very interesting. On the surface each character is a hardened soldier but it soon emerges that they are all more complex than they appear and they are not as egocentric as one might think. I will be hones the animation and script are not the best but the characters are really well rounded and as such very compelling. This will not appeal to everyone but it is still worth a watch.