Virtual Murder

BBC (ended 1992)


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  • Season 1
    • Dreams Imagic
      Dreams Imagic
      Episode 6
      Cornelius is called in by Dreams Imagic, a specialist computer company creating Virtual Reality environments by laser equipment, who are worried about espionage. Has the Virtual Reality system been used as a means of committing murder?
    • A Dream of Dracula
      Women are being kidnapped and badly bitten, and the press get hold of the idea that it could all be the work of a vampire. The police send for Cornelius, who approaches the vampire theory with an open mind.
    • A Torch for Silverado
      Luis Silverado, a dying former pimp who is ashamed of his past, is trying to make amends by setting fire to brothels. On Silverado's trail, Cornelius and Samantha find him on his death bed and learn he has left one last fire bomb - which they have to find and defuse themselves in a race against the clock.moreless
    • A Bone to Pick
      A Bone to Pick
      Episode 3
      Roger Smith, claiming to be Father Christmas's brother, takes a bag of human bones to the police, then disappears. Smith is a patient of Cornelius, and the bones turn out to be two teaching skeletons and the fresher remains of a human hand. Cornelius and Samantha are in the thick of the mystery. And is Father Christmas himself in the frame?moreless
    • Last Train to Hell & Bach
      Cornelius and Samantha are on the trail of the killer of Jane Arkwright, a psychologist whose body was found near the tough Judge Rawcliffe's house. And the murderer has left a string of taunting, cryptic clues. The killer's clues seem to lead the hunt on a wild goose chase, but Rawcliffe, whose wife also died mysteriously, becomes the chief suspect. Is someone trying to frame the Judge, or did he really do it?moreless
    • Meltdown to Murder
      Art galleries are getting demands from a blackmailer calling himself 'Dada', who has proved he can make paintings melt. Dada is in fact Jed Frewin, an old enemy of Cornelius and a master of disguise. The insurers' agent, Carol Bolitho, speaks to Cornelius, and Dada insists JC should himself deliver the latest one million pounds in protection money he has demanded. Then Dada (Frewin) kills Meriel Connors, who was his main contact in the art world, and suddenly he is living on borrowed time.moreless