Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

Season 1 Episode 3

Quest for the Dragon's Eye (3)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 05, 1987 on

Episode Recap

As the Spectral Knights face the possiblity of drowning in their dungeon cell, Darkstorm and his Darkling Lords consider their future as the new rulers of Prysmos. When Reekon brings up the subject of dividing up the captured Power Staffs, Darkstorm tells him in no uncertain terms that as the ruler of the Darkling Lords, the captured magic was his and his alone. Darkstorm's announcement began to sow immediate discontent among the other Darkling Lords. All, that is, execept Mortdredd. Soon afterwards, the fighting broke out.

Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Leoric and the Spectral Knights are treading water to keep from drowning. Arzon comes up with a plan to fly up to the grill in the ceiling with Leoric and then return to rescue the rest. He transforms into his eagle form, flies about 100 feet straight up and breaks through the grill in the ceiling. After making good their escape, Leoric and Arzon fought their way past several of Darkstorm's minions. When they reached the dungeons, they released the other Spectral Knights. With everyone freed, they had to move on to their secondary objectives: Arzon and Feryl would head to the Dagger Assault to try and restore Feryl's animal totem while the rest of the Spectral Knights would break into the armory and recover their weapons.

When the Spectral Knights break into the hall, they come across the Darkling Lords still fighting amongst themselves. When Darkstorm saw Leoric enter the hall, he reached for his Power Staff and spoke the incantation to activate its power of decay. Unfortunately, the staff's power had already been spent, as had all of the power staffs. With some of the Darkling Lords absent, Darkstorm and his men were outnumbered by the Spectral Knights. He ordered his men to retreat, but he made sure all eight of the Power Staffs were taken with them.

As the Darkling Lords made their escape in their magically powered vehicles, Leoric made the assuption that if Reekon and Mortdredd could magically power vehicles, then Feryl and Ectar should be able to as well. His hunch was correct and the Spectral Knights continued their pursuit of Darkstorm and his men. When the Spectral Knights engaged the Darkling Lords, a pitched battle was joined. Eventually, Darkstorm and his minions were defeated and captured.

With the Darkling Lords caged, Leoric announces that Darkstorm's reign is over. As the crowds celebrate, Merklynn sneaks up to the cage and slips Darkstorm a magical key which will release him and his men from any prison. Darkstorm thanks Merklynn for his help and pockets the key.

With the Darkling Lords laboring in New Valarek's prison, Darkstorm contemplates using the key Merklynn provided. Meanwhile, Leoric was discussing a pressing matter with some of the farmers of his lands. The crops they have been planting have been withering on the vine. If nothing is done, New Valarek will experience a famine. Thinking that the age of magic may have something to do with the problem, perhaps Merklynn would have a magical answer. The Specral Knights decided to head to Iron Mountain to seek his counsel. At the same time, Darkstorm's men are forcing his hand so that he will use the key to escape their confinement.

On the road leading up to Merklynn's tower, the Darkling Lords waited to ambush the Spectral Knights. Although the Darkling Lords were spotted at the last moment, the attack was still a partial success since Darkstorm and his men managed to recover their Power Staffs from Leoric and the Spectral Knights. As the Darkling Lords withdrew, Leoric and his knights continued on to Merklynn's tower.

Once all of the Visionaries assembled in Merklynn's main hall, the Spectral Knights demanded to know why the wizard had intervened to help the Darkling Lords. Merklynn told them all bluntly that the squabbles that the two factions have between themselves are no concern of his. He needs both groups to perfom tasks for him. He does not care which side accomplishes the task, only that it gets done. He gives both sides magic as payment for the errand they run for him, not out of generosity. For their first task since recieving their animal totems and Power Staffs, Merklynn needs the Visionaries to retrieve the Dragon's Eye. After allowing all of the staff bearers to recharge their magic, Merklynn gave a map to the Dragon's Eye to Leoric. As the Spectral Knights set out to find the Eye, Darkstorm and his knights remained behind. He refused to be Merklynn's pawn and ordered his Darkling Lords to attack. Cindarr released the Beast of Destruction while Cravex and Darkstorm unleashed the Spider of Fear and the Power of Decay respectively. As the three powerful creatures closed in on Merklynn, they hesitated. Merklynn held aloft his magical orb and all of them stopped cold. When Darkstorm ordered them to advance on him, they refused, stating that they cannot attack the bearer of the orb. The three magical beings returned to the Power Staffs from whence they came. Since they could not attack him with their magic, the Darkling Lords drew their weapons and rushed the wizard themselves. As they passed by the sacred pool, mystic hands sprung forth and restrained the attacking knights. Once they realized the futility of their actions, the Darkling Lords agreed to go on Merklynn's quest.

The Spectral Knights followed Merklynn's map to an old industrial complex. As they began to move towards the building, they are attacked from behind by the Darkling Lords. Cindarr releases the Beast of Destruction, but it focuses its attack on another creature that was lurking nearby rather than the Spectral Knights. However, the distraction was enough to allow Darkstorm's knights into the complex ahead of the Spectral Knights. Within the large building, they discover a huge mechanical techno-dragon being powered magically by a wizard located inside the head. They surmise that the glowing staff the wizard is holding is the "Dragon's Eye" they are looking for. Arzon consulted the Bearer of Knowledge to determine who the wizard was. He found out that his name was Falkama, a wizard of the same order as Merklynn. As the dragon attacked the Visionaries, it was overcome by the power of the recently recharged Power Staffs. While the two groups of knights stuggled for control of the wizard's staff, it finally landed in Witterquick's hands. He managed to secure the staff fro Merklynn, but Falkama escaped capture.

Upon arriving at Iron Mountain, Merklynn offered to recharge the staffs of the Spectral Knights for their successful mission, but Leoric wanted more. He insisted on a magical remedy for the farming crisis that awaited him when he returned to New Valarek. Merklynn agreed, but only on the condition that they never tell the Darkling Lords about this. When the Spectral Knights handed over the Dragon's Eye, Merklynn tossed it into his sacred pool to rejuvenate it.

As the Darkling Lords spent their time scavenging the industrial plant for anything of use, Cindarr captured Falkama. Darkstorm first thought little of the now-depowered wizard, but reconsidered his position when Falkama told him that he had useful information about Merklynn. Back at the farmlands of New Valarek, the magical seeds that Merklynn provided grew into mature crops seconds after being sewn, averting a famine.
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