Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

(ended 1987)


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  • good

    how many episodes of this show even aired. i only remember seeing it once or twice. it seemed like a cool show though. the animation was pretty good, but it was yet another eighties cartoon based on a toy line. they must have had twenty or thirty of these type of shows. always good guys vs the bad guys.
  • Great concept

    I thought this show was great! The idea that an "age of magic" had begun due to the realignment of the sun was farfetched, but easily not important enough to take away from the show. People with the ability to change into creatures, which were a reflection of their inner selves or personalities or exhibited traits was just neat. Of course, the heroes (typically) all turn into "noble, well-liked" creatures (ex. lion, bear, dolphin). Comparatively, the "bad guys" turned into creatures that tend not to be well thought of or are less noble, typically (ex. shark, armadillo, bug). Their totems (objects that grant them extra abilities like strength, wisdom, protection) were representative of each character. The plots were usually good. They just didn't make enough episodes. I think it lasted one season. Hopefully, it will be available on DVD in this region sooner rather than later.
  • Great concept, great animation, and great theme song!

    Wow. Visionaries was a great show that was part of ABC's awesome leadership in the 1980s cartoon sphere. Along with GI Joe and The Transformers, ABC (at least in my area) added both Inhumanoids and Visionaries to that list, with Visionaries being the better of the two newcomers. Chris Latta returns once again as the leader of the Darkling Lords, and there were of course, the good guys like Cryotek. The Visionaries had magic staffs that they could use to turn into special creatures that were granted to them through a contest of sorts during the opening episodes. The animation (undoubtedly Japanese) was superb, as were the colors and opening storylines. I will definitely have to seek out the first few eps, as these are all you need to enjoy the world of the Visionaries!
  • Great

    This is one of the first cartoons I ever saw. It’s a long time know since I last watch it but the animation the story and one of the best I have ever seen. The opening credits are amazing and the show rocks. Apart from say this is one of my favourite cartoon there isn’t much more I can say.