Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

Season 1 Episode 11

Sorcery Squared

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 07, 1987 on



  • Trivia

    • When Cryotek left Merklynn's shrine and the phylot totem got out of hand, Cindarr and Lexor were not seen again, even as Cryotek was attacking Darkstorm's castle. When the phylot totem got out of hand and Cravex said 'It's burning!', this was his only scene after Cryotek left Merklynn's shrine.

    • Feryl and Witterquick were nowhere to be seen when the Spectral Knights removed Cravex's phylot totem from Cryotek and made their escape from Darkstorm's castle.

    • When Darkstorm shouts to the Spectral Knights to repair his castle, he has Reekon beside him. Shortly afterwards, when the Dagger Assault crashes through the castle and sinks into the moat, Reekon has been replaced by Mortdredd.

    • Although Cryotek is a stronger man than most, it is doubtful that he would be able to knock a six-foot wide hole in a stone castle wall which is roughly one foot thick with a single kick.

    • Cryotek's greatest fear seems to be some sort of gargantuan, apocalyptic snake.

    • Goof: Although the Dagger Assault vehicle sank below the waterline after it crashed through Darkstorm's castle wall, Darkstorm and Mortdredd were able to stand up in the water, revealing it to be only waist deep.

    • Cravex's moustache was missing as the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords first declare a truce to deal with the problem of Cryotek possessing Cravex's totem.

    • When Cryotek shuts the book on Merklynn's beard, it seems to become quite a bit longer to accomodate this sight-gag. As soon as the book is opened and his beard is released, it is back to its usual length.

    • After being bitten by the Spider of Fear, Cryotek falls down and drops the Power Staffs on his right side, but when he stands up he is holding them in his left hand.

  • Quotes

    • Galadria: You mean you're going to be the same grumpy old bear we can always depend on, no matter what?
      Cryotek: Mnnnn...yes, I'm afraid so. I'm really sorry.
      Galadria: You idiot! That's exactly why we all love you so much!
      Cryotek: You do?
      Galadria: Yes! Now be quiet and give me a bear hug!

    • Merklynn: If I didn't know better, I'd say that was Cravex's totem.
      Cryotek: It is. I need your help to get rid of it!
      Merklynn: Unusual request. Usually, you swashbuckling types are asking for more magic, not less.

    • Cryotek: It was you, Darkling Lords, who tried to destroy my city! And now you must pay!
      Darkstorm: Before you present us with an itemized bill, you should know that our chief technician, Reekon, belives that the Phylot totem can be removed whether you are living or dead. And you should also be aware that some of our number have a definite preference for the latter.

    • Darkstorm: Yes, yes yes yes, my Darkling Lords will contain their natural and healthy dislike for your Sepulchral Knights...
      Ectar: The word is Spectral!

    • (Upon sighting the Darkling Lords)
      Arzon: Looks like we've got company.
      Feryl: Frankly, I'd rather have the plague.

    • Arzon: Cryotek! Just the person I needed!
      Cryotek: Not if you're looking for witty conversation.
      Arzon: Cryotek, if I were looking for a laugh, I would call on Darkstorm's goons.

    • Cravex: Mortdredd, help me make Cryotek suffer and I'll reward you well!
      Mortdredd: Oh, no! Making Cryotek suffer will be reward enough!

    • Cryotek: Lucky there's still food. I'm hungry as a bear!

    • Darkstorm: (Flailing about wildly in a panic in the water) Mortdredd! Help me! I can't swim!!!
      Mortdredd: Oh, master. You do not have to worry. This part of the moat is shallow. you can stand up!

    • Merklynn: If you ask me, the change in you is not for the better!
      Cryotek: But I didn't ask.

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