Vital Signs

ITV Premiered Apr 20, 2006 Between Seasons


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Vital Signs

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Rhoda Bradley (Tamzin Outhwaite) works as a frustrated supermarket check out assistant, with a rather challenging domestic life, being the mother of three children that one of them has Cystic Fibrosis. When Rhoda's daughter is rushed to the hospital due to severe abdominal pain, Rhoda discovers the health service has been keen to recruit older people from "ordinary backgrounds" like hers, and finds herself enthusiastic to become a doctor. However, despite her enthusiasm, there are a lot of obstacles in Rhoda's way - both from Inside her family, (her husband Tony (Steven Waddington) reluctantly agrees to the plan because he's worried about financial problems, and her sister Maddy (Beth Goddard), that always wanted to be the family doctor and wound up being a nurse works in the same hospital where Rhoda is going to be trained and is very unhappy with her choice) and outside her family (Dr. Linsay (Anton Lesser), her personal tutor in the program, doesn't seems to think too highly of her).moreless
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  • Weak

    Being slightly obsessed with Harry Lloyd, I rushed to get hold of Vital Signs as soon as I heard of it. I love the idea of the show - I love the idea of a 30-something mother of three / cashier getting a place as a medical student and turning her whole life around and upsidedown. I love the idea of Harry Lloyd playing a motorbike-riding 17-year-old suffering from a dealy condition and falling in love for the first time even more. Incidentally, the character playing his girlfriend is real-life girlfriend Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

    Well, I have to say that the show failed abysmally. At one point I turned to my husband and asked if I was alone in thinking that the show had the weakest storyline and atrocious directing. He assured me I was not alone. With respect to the acting, I do believe that Harry Lloyd put on a satisfactory performance but I was really disappointed with the performance of his on-screen father Steven Waddington. I have to allow for the possibility that no actor could have acted his way out of that plot though. (SPOILER: I'm referring specifically to the awkward moments and almost-kisses as Steven's character bumbles his way towards cheating on his wife). I'm also not convinced about Tamzin Outhwaite. I never saw her in Eastenders and she is in some of my favourite shows (The Fixer and Hotel Babylon) but I just don't know... The show is weak and I doubt it "on hiatus" as describes. The main cast (including Steven Waddington, Tamzin Outhwaite, Harry Lloyd and Gugu Mbatha-Raw) have all gone on to bigger and better things and I think we can safely hope that this one won't be back.moreless
  • Older pupil goes back to school and faces many obstacles.

    I loved this show.I could really relate to the struggles of Rhoda going back to school and the obstacles she has to overcome.It was interesting to see how it tested the family dynamic and caused friction in all her relationships.It is not unusual for a spouse returning to school to experience lack of support from her significant partner.I think also the series outlines the backlash when someone tries to better themselves and grows beyond their former life.moreless
  • THe Character is determined to get revenge for murder.

    THe Character is determined to get revenge for murder. Whether it involves the police or doing it his self. He first comfronts Sheabout how he believes Thumper killed him. Trying to find the proof was the challenge. Even with She's help him couldn't help himself. He set up Thumper knowing he would be killed.
  • "Vital" shows signs of promise...

    Sure, Vital Signs might easily confused as a Grey's Anatomy wannabe, or an even a more serious Scrubs-like series,

    but I think there's more in Vital Signs than meets the eye. At least I would like to hope so, because I've grown tired of Scrubs efforts to be the craziest show on TV, and, er, I think Grey's Aantomy is Simply being overly dramatic.

    Vital Signs is all about reality (and not in the "Reality Show" sense) - Rhoda Bradley is a seemingly plain mother of three who has a lot on her plate, when she decides she's fed up with her ordinary life as a supermarket cashier - and decides to try and become a doctor, despite everything and everyone: despite her husband that would have to take most of the burden of taking the family while supporting her and the kids financially, despite her sister who is jealous (she wanted to become a doctor, THE family doctor, but wound up a nurse), and despite her eldest son's terminal illness.

    The show is written very realistic, with a lot of funny moments along with serious ones, and Tamzin Outwaith who plays Rhoda is doing a convicing job so far.

    I think that, given chance, Vital Signs can show a lot of vitality, and be a more-than-decent show.moreless
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