Viva la Bam

Season 4 Episode 3

CKY Gets Jobs

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 20, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Bam and crew have to get jobs to pay for the bills instead of burning furnature.

    I thought it was a hallarious episode! My favourite part was when Dico dressed up as a fish and ran around scraming \"Sushi! Get your sushi fish!\" And he got a ticket for his wagon!! Haha! This is one of my favourites by far! The beginning was funny too when they were burning furnature to keep warm! Ape\'s face when they did that was hillarious. She just looked mad all over again. I kinda felt sorry for her, then I see them doing funny stuff and well, yeah. Raab working in the pizza shop thingy was so funny! They weren\'t making pizza, they were rolling around! XDDD

    You know, I absolutely think we saw Dico at his best in this episode; smashing up cars, rolling around in ice cream, throwing papers out of Bam's new Lambo, and of course, being the Sushi fish.


    And of course, Dico was the cause of CKY having to do chores because he got a ticket for leaving the sushi fish rickshaw illegally parked on the street. lol

  • Great!! By the way, what's the song at the end¿?

    I just saw this episode. It was great, although it was a little bitchin for Ape to "win" the bet. By the way, does anyone know the song that is played when Bam loses the bet? It kinda starts with come guitar chords, but since I didn't hear any words, I couldn't find it. thanks
  • bam and the crew are out hunting for jobs, from window cleaning to towing, thye need to raise money to pay for the heating bill, or else face doing chores even though they raised the money, in the end, they still have to work as dico got a parking

    a brilliant episode, by far the funniest in the current series, dico and his towing fanatics are sure you make anyone cry with laughter
    or the sushi fish part, that will surely bring a grin on anyones face, or vito and his skateboarding skills, or so he claims
    top notch episode, by far the funniest episode ive seen, ever
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