Viva la Bam

Season 2 Episode 3

Dating Don Vito

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM May 02, 2004 on MTV - Music Television
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While Bam and Dunn are busy "landscaping" the yard with their ATVs, April braves the mud and tells Bam he has a phone call. Bam learns that the legendary heavy metal band Slayer are coming to stay over. To prepare for Slayer's visit, the crew feels the need to do some decorating and modifications to the house. The modifications include an indoor mini-half in Bam's room, a pirate-themed bar downstairs and a full concert stage in the backyard.moreless

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  • Episode starts with Bam and Dunn messing the lawn up with four wheelers. Then Slayer calls, and Bam gets them to come over. All in all, Bam makes a pirate bar, Vito gets in trouble with 3 girls, and Slayer plays a live show in Bam's backyard. Lucky!moreless

    This episode is great. First off, Bam gets Slayer to show up at his house. SLAYER! Then Don Vito tries to get a date, and that is funny in itself. Vito does all the stuff that he normally does in his everyday life, and the 3 "victims" don't like that very well, and it also doesn't help Vito's case when he's got Bam, and Dico talking into his ear through a wired headset. Telling him to say stupid things that get him in trouble. Then when Slayer rocks out, it just rules all. I give this episode a maximum rating of 10/10.moreless



Guest Star

Brooke Bonder

Brooke Bonder

Don Vito Date

Guest Star

Tim Glomb

Tim Glomb


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When we get a close-up of the picture of Don Vito, we see that he's wearing his Fatboy-Faceoff shirt. He doesn't wear that shirt until the next episode.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Bam: If you don't know who Slayer is, go to the library and do some research, 'cause your an idiot.

    • Vito: What, are you a transvestite now?

    • Brandon: You don't know if he's staring at you or the coke machine.

    • Brandon: (on the mic to Vito) Ask her if she likes Slayer!
      Vito: (to Stephanie) You like Slayer?
      Stephanie: I've heard of them, yes...
      Brandon: Ask her if she likes Slayer!
      Vito: (shouting) SHE SAID SHE LIKES SLAYER!

    • Bam: (talking over the mic to Vito) Ask her if she likes your wandering eye!
      Vito: NO!

    • Bam: Rabb, theres no such thing as a baseball glove.
      Rabb: (chuckles) Yeah, wouldnt that be awsome?
      Bam: He just spray paints a baseball glove gold and its a barried treasure!
      Dunn: Rabb, are you serious with this? (holds up a gold flipper)
      Bam: (Rabb paints windex) what the fuck, your an idiot!
      Rabb: We didnt have that much stuff, so I just painted everything gold.
      Bam: Did you just grab whatever you could find and paint it gold?!
      Rabb: Nobody cares, they see gold!
      Dunn: You'd be better off with painting a rock gold, than this!
      Rabb: Well, that would have been a good idea
      Dunn: (holds up golden shaving cream)
      Bam: Shaving cream.
      Dunn: Way to go Rabb.
      Bam: (puts on the shaving cream) (In highpitched hilbilly accent) No way! (paints Rabbs pants gold) No, dude, naw, you got golden pants now!

    • April: I was trying to tell them Slayer was on the phone, but these assies...
      Bam/Dunn: ASSIES!??!! What the hell are assies!?

    • Vito: You guys are a bunch of Vulcan idiots.

    • Dunn: You would've been better off painting a rock gold.
      Raab: That would of been a good idea.

  • NOTES (1)