Viva la Bam

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Aug 14, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Great episode. It's got everything. Travel, Celebrities, music, jokes, Dico's sheep and even a happy ending :)

    The best episode the series could have possibly ended with. Bam (once again) displays his huge repertoir of celebrity friends by hanging out with Ville Valo, The dudesons, and members from Hanoi Rocks and the 69eyes. The episode takes place in 4 countries and provides great entertainment the entire time; as Bam and Raab go from the USA to Finland, to Russia, back to Finland and then to Estonia to find Raab's Russian mail-order bride from the vegas episode (who looks much better in this episode, too!). She ends up leaving her bar job with them to go to Ruisrock in Turku, Finland and eventually travel to the US with them! The highlights: Phil and Ape\'s faces as The Dudesons show up to pick them up from Helsinki airport, haha (watch the Mexico episode of Viva la Bam to see why)...; the way Bam greets Jukka from the Dudesons when they meet up at Ruisrock; and Dico\'s lawnmowers back in Westchester!
  • Great episode but not a good way to end the series

    we finnaly find out what happend to raabs russian mail order bride! need i say more. but there were a few bad things about this episode. well not the episode but i dont think they should have ended the show this way. i think they all should have done a huge prank. but other than that it was a great episode. the dudesons appear in this episode and they pull a few pranks. we see how much the mail order bride has changed and her and raab get back together and she starts living with the cky crew at west chester
  • One of the Best episodes yet

    This is one of the best episodes because they go to RuisRock in Finland and see Finnish rock bands perform. Ville Valo from the band H.I.M. deffinently makes that episode better! I loved it! The Dudesons are funny too. Now from the episode I want to go and see Finland!
  • they stopped making episodes for this? oh man, this was the only reason i got MTV!

    they stopped making episodes for this? oh man, this was the only reason i got MTV!

    i had no idea they stopped making episodes for this show! This was a great extension from Jackass my other favourite show.. along with Wildboyz.

    I wonder what these guys are gonna come up with next?
  • Bam and Raab go looking for Raab's mail order bride while Bams parents are hanging with the dudesons. Eventually they all meet up and the Russian bride goes back to west chester to live the wild life known as Bam's world.

    A good way to end the show. I always kinda wondered what happened to the bride. I guess it is time to let Phil and Ape have a normal life (as normal as possible anyways). A great series the always provided great laughs has come to an end sadly. Long live Bam, the gang, Ape and Phil, and the man himself .... DON VITO! They will know live on in reruns and on DVD.
  • The best way this series could have ended in my opinion. Another trip to a foreign country, another music concert etc.

    Wow! I don't even know how to start. I must say this episode was great, probably one of the best so far. It all starts with Bam cutting the sleeping Raab's jeans to threads and picks up his wallet. In the wallet he finds a picture of the Russian mail order bride Raab married a couple of seasons back. All of a sudden Bam decides to travel to Europe to find her and at the same time attend a rock concert in Finland. Raab, Bam and Bam's parents all travel to Finland. Bam and Raab goes on a crazy hunt to find her through Finland, Russia and Estonia.

    I've always wanted to know what happened to this Russian chick. Finally, not a day too late, they decided to find her. I got so happy I just smiled through the rest of the episode.