Viva la Bam

MTV - Music Television (ended 2006)


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  • Bam and the Crew.

    Bam and his crew are really great guys. I love how they can make people cry some times because there so funny. Bam is my fav of course because he is my fav sk8er. I think Bam and all the other boys did good with there shows and made some cool memories for all to remember. Ryan Dunn was one of the coolest guys on that show I really liked and will be missed by many. What I like most about the show past the funny stuff is even no Bam is a punk threw out the hole thing I like how when he gets to his mom and pushes her point to where she is pist he always makes it up to her. I think they did a outstanding show and liked how they where trying to live like the civil war guys and live like they where from that time was cool, but you could tell Veto could not do it if he tried and did not like it without the electric. Over all all the shows where amazing that they where in together and each one of the guys share a great memorery with Ryan Dunn.