Viva la Bam

Season 1 Episode 4

Viva Las Vegas

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Nov 16, 2003 on MTV - Music Television
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Viva Las Vegas
Bam surprises April and Phil by taking them to Las Vegas for their wedding anniversary. Bam decides to take the nickname 'Sin City' to a new level and causes havoc in and out of the hotel room.

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  • This was pretty fun, I must admit.

    I loved the whole idea about Raab suddenly getting a mail order bride, although it was fake. It WAS sudden. At first you just see Bam and others looking at chicks on the internet, and then he says, "we're getting Raab a wife".

    His suit was sweet, until he was dragged all over the parking lot and got it dirty... He was awesome when he was being hypnotized; I didn't believe it for one second but it was still funny. The hypnotizing guy was holding his hand after, I laughed. I also loved the idea of April and Phil re-marrying, which I'm pretty sure was fake, too. Which kinda defeats the whole purpose of watching it. Why is everything fake when you go to Vegas? Meh. The BEST part was when Vito was to wear Bam's "body" hair and he was licking it!! gross. ANOTHER great part was the food fight at the end; I'm so glad April got to hit Vito in the face, he deserved it.moreless
  • Bam's parents anniversery is in 2 days and Raab is getting married to a russian mailorder bride so they go to las vegas

    Bam's parents anniversery is in 2 days and Raab is getting married to a russian mailorder bride so they go to las vegas. In Vegas Vito goes to get his hair done but bam pays the poeple to put blue die in his hair so then vito gets up and see's it he gets mad! and then vito gets a heartagram tatto on his back and loses all his money in a casion and gets kicked out of a casion all in one trip. then raab and his wife get married and ape and phil re did there vows and makes a great episodE!moreless
  • One of the best episodes ever!

    It's two days before Phil and Ape's wedding anniversary so Bam decides to take them, the crew and Don Vito to Las Vegas in order to celebrate his parents' wedding anniversary.

    In Las Vegas Vito has his back tattooed and Bam has his arm tattooed.They all stay at a hotel in luxurious rooms except Don Vito who stays in a closet.Vito loses all his money at the casino and he hits the ceiling and for this he get kicked out of the casino. Raab meets his future wife that Bam ordered from Russia and they visit Las Vegas. An hair stylist makes Phil up as Elvis while Vito's got dyed hair and a soul patch!Phil and Ape get re-married while Raab marries the Russian girl!A food fight breaks out at the end of the episodemoreless

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Raab's marrige to "Debo" was fake. Also, Phil and April didn't remarry. Debo is Russian, but is actually a short-haired brunette who was in on it the whole time. Bam set it up. The "russianhuskies" site is real, but you can't actually order a bride. The minister was fake, so obviously, Raab & "Debo" aren't (still) together.

    • According to the DVD commentary, the hotel bill was $40,000.

    • When they are at the tuxedo shop, the screen comes up and says Raab gets fancy, and then after it when Bam is talking about the tux being white he says Raab is gonna be dirt bag filthy. when they have that typed at the bottom of the screen, it says "Rabb" instead of "Raab".

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Don Vito: (to the blackjack dealer) I'm good! I'm good! I ain't gonna hit on a 20. Are you sick in the head? ...Who's gonna hit on a 20? You gotta be mentally insane.

    • Don Vito: (about Debo) Don't give her a ring, she'll keep it!

    • Rake: Do exactly the opposite of whatever Vito says!

    • Don Vito: He's an...idiot!
      Raab: I'm not an idiot!
      Don Vito: It's stupid.
      Debo: You don't like me, you can divorce me!
      Vito: You think the wedding's a joke! Oh, get married, you got my blessing. (everyone breaks out laughing)

    • Bam: ...We're also gonna give Don Vito a soul patch. I don't know where the hair came from but how you like my new belt?
      Raab: ...EWWWWWW.

    • Don Vito: Usually the zero-zeros are suites. Oh, my god. You can't even get laid in this room. I can't even fit in here. Where the hell am I to go to the bathroom at?

    • Raab: So you're from Moscow?
      Debo: What?
      Raab: What's your favorite color?
      Debo: What?
      Raab: So do you want to go to a strip club or something?
      Debo: What?
      Raab: What do you want to do while we're here in America?
      Debo: Marriage!

    • Phil: (while Don Vito is getting a blue hair dye job) They don't have a bouncer here ya know. When he gets up and sees that we're gonna need bouncers.

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