Viva la Bam

Season 5 Episode 7

Where's Vito?

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Jul 31, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • The best episode ever!

    Bam breaks Don's window because he won't wake up. Once he wakes up, he has enough. He escapes to Bam' Hummer and steals it. Bam can't find Vito now and that's basicly why it's named this. Vito stays all day in a bowling alley because Bam knows he does'nt like to do stuff and basicly stays the night. Bam finds him so Vito escapes again, but runs away to New York. Bam trys to lure him back with a "Come Back, Vito" concert. Finally, Bam gets a call from Vito. When he finds his Hummer, it's about to be destroyed, and does. It was the end of Bam's Hummer. Bam fixes Vito's window. Only it's a garage door insted. HA! HA!
  • Vito has had enough.

    This epidoe of Viva La Bam was absolutly great, because after Bam and the boys (also Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth comes to help out) rip out Vitos window, vito is irrate. Vito to his best ability runs to Bams hummer and take it. I thought that it was funny Dunn was still in the back. Dunn and Vito hid out in a bowling alley but Bam soon finds him so they put the beetle on the top but they just drive away to New York. Also in this epidoe Cradle of Filth plays and Bam thinks his friends try to get in for free so he shaves Novaks head.
  • Bam Wrecks Vito Bedroom window and in revenge he and Dunn Take Bam's Hummer and Destroy it.

    I dont blame Vito for what he did. If Bam did that to my house I would go on a rampage too. Best part about the show was Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth was in it and he did a teriffic show.
    I wouldnt of destroyed Bams Hummer though.
  • Vito finally has had enough...

    Vito finally has had enough...after bam and crew rip out vito's window...he steals bam's hummer with dunn in the back, and runs to new york, after making vito masks and getting caught sleeping in a bowling alley...
    in new york, they find vito and dunn, and after dunn gets handcuffed to a bike, bam calls upon dani filth of cradle of filth to have a concert to lure dunn and vito back...
    but after they dont show up, they call bam to a quarry, in which they destroy bam's hummer for good....bam congratulates vito, and a montage of good old times in the hummer are shown and then a r.i.p. is shown of the hummer
    at the end...vito's window is replaced by glomb....with a garage door
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