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Viva Laughlin is a re-make of the Golden Globe nominated mini-series Viva Blackpool. The story is about an ambitious small entrepreneur Ripley Holden (Lloyd Owen), who dreams of opening up a casino in Laughlin, Nevada. Meanwhile, he is having marital problems and is struggling to keep his family together. The show has been produced by BBC Worldwide, CBS Paramount Network Television, Seed Productions and Sony Television.

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    • New, and original.

      Viva Laughlin was definetly something new and original for North American television. Sadly, because of this it was dubbed "silly" and axed. When you truly look at the show with an untainted eye you can see how amazing it is. From the story, to the way it's told through music and the acting, of course, it makes this show an instant personal favorite to me. The actors were not the best of singers - this only helped to make the show seem more "realistic", in my opinion. It was like what it would be like if there were musicals in real life! This show was great, something fresh, something original and deserves to be brought back to air.moreless
    • A musical CSI

      This show was full of cunning, witt, and of couse intelligence. The last episode aired showed how clever Ripley is, and his voice is to die for! So much awe comes into who killed Buddy Baxter? I loved it and people who didn't are idiots. Who woudn't love the stelth of CSI, the cleverness of Clue, and the Music like the Sha Na Na's? It had everything that i love about a show, comedy, suspence, and music. I was sooooo disappointed that they cancelled it and the second i see the title Viva Laughlin again, i will immediately buy/ record it.moreless
    • Introducing the COP ROCK of the 21st Century!

      The legendary COP ROCK - the ill conceived disaster by ABC back in 1990 now has a sibling - VIVA LAUGHLIN!

      After seeing the previews for this show over the summer I knew it would die young. I suppose there are some people who like watching actors burst into song and dance, but Im not one of them. The clips shown on this weeks THE SOUP were pretty funny. Its sort of like watching bad movies on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Did Melanie Griffith have plastic surgery? She looked 20 years younger than she is. Even Joel McHale on THE SOUP noticed this. DB Woodside from "24" was the only bright spot in this train wreck. He gets blown up on "24" and now he sinks on the CBS Titanic - HMS Viva Laughlin. The guy just cant catch a break.

      The only thing more amazing than the fact this show ever made it to air is the fact KID NATION is still around; despite it having the same ratings as VIVA LAUGLIN.moreless
    • Not the best new show, but not the worst either.

      Well, the first causality of the new season, well for the scripted shows. And yet as off beat and unlikely this show was you would think that CBS would have given it a chance to find an audience. This is show that had potential to get better with each episode. The pilot really set up the story between the two rival casino owners and also the personal story of Ripley. Then you have the murder of Baxter. This on going story about Ripley struggling to make his dream a success and the on going investigation into the murder would have been entertaining. I don't know if this show could have made it but it needed to be given a chance. No show can make it if you pull it after only the second airing and let's note that it only aired once in its normal time slot.moreless
    • I decided to give this show a chance, but as I can tell no one liked this show either. Well, I'm not surprised!! This show was awful!!

      I decided to watch this and see how it would be. From the promo it didn't look like it was going to last. And, I was right with this one. The first episode was so off the wall it's not even funny, they broke out in song like 3 different times. About 35 minutes through I couln't take this show any longer and had to watch something else. I just couldn't believe this show was put on the air, What the hell was CBS thinking!! Can CBS blame us, they put an awful show on the air and no one likes it!! Maybe if it had a different angle it wouldn't be so bad. But, this show reminded me of poor white trailer trash in middle america. I'm so glad CBS pulled this show from it's lineup.moreless
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