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  • New, and original.

    Viva Laughlin was definetly something new and original for North American television. Sadly, because of this it was dubbed "silly" and axed. When you truly look at the show with an untainted eye you can see how amazing it is. From the story, to the way it's told through music and the acting, of course, it makes this show an instant personal favorite to me. The actors were not the best of singers - this only helped to make the show seem more "realistic", in my opinion. It was like what it would be like if there were musicals in real life! This show was great, something fresh, something original and deserves to be brought back to air.
  • A musical CSI

    This show was full of cunning, witt, and of couse intelligence. The last episode aired showed how clever Ripley is, and his voice is to die for! So much awe comes into who killed Buddy Baxter? I loved it and people who didn't are idiots. Who woudn't love the stelth of CSI, the cleverness of Clue, and the Music like the Sha Na Na's? It had everything that i love about a show, comedy, suspence, and music. I was sooooo disappointed that they cancelled it and the second i see the title Viva Laughlin again, i will immediately buy/ record it.
  • Introducing the COP ROCK of the 21st Century!

    The legendary COP ROCK - the ill conceived disaster by ABC back in 1990 now has a sibling - VIVA LAUGHLIN!

    After seeing the previews for this show over the summer I knew it would die young. I suppose there are some people who like watching actors burst into song and dance, but Im not one of them. The clips shown on this weeks THE SOUP were pretty funny. Its sort of like watching bad movies on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Did Melanie Griffith have plastic surgery? She looked 20 years younger than she is. Even Joel McHale on THE SOUP noticed this. DB Woodside from "24" was the only bright spot in this train wreck. He gets blown up on "24" and now he sinks on the CBS Titanic - HMS Viva Laughlin. The guy just cant catch a break.

    The only thing more amazing than the fact this show ever made it to air is the fact KID NATION is still around; despite it having the same ratings as VIVA LAUGLIN.
  • Not the best new show, but not the worst either.

    Well, the first causality of the new season, well for the scripted shows. And yet as off beat and unlikely this show was you would think that CBS would have given it a chance to find an audience. This is show that had potential to get better with each episode. The pilot really set up the story between the two rival casino owners and also the personal story of Ripley. Then you have the murder of Baxter. This on going story about Ripley struggling to make his dream a success and the on going investigation into the murder would have been entertaining. I don't know if this show could have made it but it needed to be given a chance. No show can make it if you pull it after only the second airing and let's note that it only aired once in its normal time slot.
  • I decided to give this show a chance, but as I can tell no one liked this show either. Well, I'm not surprised!! This show was awful!!

    I decided to watch this and see how it would be. From the promo it didn't look like it was going to last. And, I was right with this one. The first episode was so off the wall it's not even funny, they broke out in song like 3 different times. About 35 minutes through I couln't take this show any longer and had to watch something else. I just couldn't believe this show was put on the air, What the hell was CBS thinking!! Can CBS blame us, they put an awful show on the air and no one likes it!! Maybe if it had a different angle it wouldn't be so bad. But, this show reminded me of poor white trailer trash in middle america. I'm so glad CBS pulled this show from it's lineup.
  • The final new series of the fall season finally debuts. It wasn't worth the wait.

    Viva Laughlin is another re-make of a British series. Following in the tradition of Sanford and Son, All in the Family, Coupling and too many unscripted show to be mentioned. Oh well why not mention them. The weakest Link and American Idol. The Brits have sent numerous series ideas to the colonies. Viva Laughlin is based on an award nominated mini series titled Viva Blackpool. It seems the British have finally found a way to get even for the Boston Tea Party.
    It's not that this series is just bad. It's un-watchable. So far I've watched the first ten minutes of the pilot and when Ripley (Believe it or Not that's his name) climbed on a craps table and started dancing to Elvis' Viva Las Vegas I had to turn it off. I still have both the pilot and episode two recorded on my DVR and I promise to try to get through both episodes but at this point I am not sure if I will survive the ordeal.
    I gave this series a rating of six (6), which is my lowest rating ever, except to some of the offerings on Cinemax After Dark.
  • Beyond Cheesy!

    I guess maybe I should have paid closer attention to the previews to see that this show was a musical. Wait a musical show about Vegas?? I should have seen the acxe coming from the get go. For instance a heavy hitter roles into the casino singing? What? Are we supposed to take show tunes seriously? I couldn't watch a whole episode, and then when I finally turned it off I wondered why I watched as much as I did. I gave it a shot, but it just wasn't meant to be I guess. Hopefully Hugh Jackman can recover from this one.
  • Just simply a cheesy Las Vegas show with some awesome plot, characters, and singing...

    Now I must say, this is the cheesiest show on television; but, it is quite good. It, so far, is an accurate combination of action, comedy, drama, and musical. Never did I think this kind of show was possible. But after the past few weeks with Viva Las Vegas by Elvis stuck in my head, I felt perfectly at home with Viva Laughlin by singing along. Sure the lip syncing is the worse I have seen but it simply funny because the characters never fully sing a song. And, Hugh Jackman, is just absolutely perfect for that part and Sympathy for the Devil is an awesome theme song for him.
  • From the outset I decided I have to give this show a chance. Why? Well I was still asking myself at the end of the pilot!

    The main reason for giving it a chance - well if only for the very hot talent in the show ... I mean Hugh Jackman AND Eric Winter ... be still my heart! So this is why Brothers and Sisters are missing out on the gorgeous minister! Send him back to Kevin!

    If I have a problem with the show it is with Lloyd Owen - not because of his acting because he is very accomplished at that, it is I am just used to hearing his broad British accent, which you can still hear as the undertone to his new American brogue. The other problem I have is with dear old Melanie's lips - and the implication she is some youngish sexy thing when she is looking like an old broad! Why would Ripley be interested in Bunny when he has such a lovely wife at home! Mind you things could be on the up for her ... now that Mr Winter has followed her to the supermarket ... things could really be on the up !!!

    Any maybe this is what will keep the series interesting - not the bad singing ... which is hilarious and cringeing at the same time ... bit like a car crash ... you know it is happening, you shouldn't really look but it is so bad you just have to!

    I didn't like the British series when it came out over here ... but then it didn't have Messrs Jackman and Winter ... that makes all the difference ... I'd watch it even with the sound off!!

    I will give this a chance ... it is a murder mystery after all ... and I want to know ... who done it!!
  • I'm not impressed...

    Ok, so I decided to try watching this show just because Hugh Jackman was in it and, in my opinion, it was terrible. It was like some type of drama/musical with a bit of murder mystery mixed in. It was ridiculous. The first time the character started singing I thought it was just random, but then more started singing, but not to the point that it is a musical. It was weird. The story isn't that interesting, but I like how they're doing the whole murder mystery thing and the cop is definately good-looking. Anyways, I was hoping more from Hugh Jackman. Overall, it's a bad show and I'm not planning on watching it.
  • Some intersting characters, a murder mystery and some really bad lip-syncing. A cheesy show that proves you can't judge a show by its promo.

    Hugh Jackman and Melani Griffith add some much needed sparkle to this otherwise oh hum show centering on small time businessmam Ripley Holden and his attempt to start a casino. The beginning and ending music by Elvis Presley was a very nice touch but the music in the middle was just too cheesy, especially since none of the characters actually sing their entire song. The murder of Buddy Baxter in Holden's office added some much needed suspense and provides us with a reason to keep watching. The best scene was watching Ripley win $750,000 playing the roulette wheel in Nicky Fontana's casino. Nicky is going to have some serious competition from Ripley and seeing how these two men handle the competition will make for some interesting upcoming moments.