Viva Piñata

Saturday 8:00 AM on The CW Premiered Aug 26, 2006 Between Seasons



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Viva Piñata

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Viva Piñata is a brand new, CG-animated comedy series that takes place in the fun-loving world of Piñatas. Thousands of these piñata-animals live the sweet life on the famous, Piñata Island. They're always going around the world to please children at their parties! Join Hudson, Fergy, Paulie and Franklin as they embark on adventures!
Pete Zarustica

Pete Zarustica

Pierre Parrybo

David Wills

David Wills

Fergy Fudgehog

Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Les Galagoogoo

Jamie McGonnigal

Jamie McGonnigal

Teddington Twingersnap

Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock

Langston Lickatoad

Dan Green

Dan Green

Hudson Horstacio

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  • This really didn't need to be put on the air. But overall, it was decent.

    Viva Pinata. It's a show about Pinatas living on Pinata Island doing Pinata activities. You like Pinatas that talk and walk? Then this is the show for you! Overall Viva Pinata was decent, not the best animated series to be put on the air, oh heck no, but hey, it was pretty entertaining and fun during its run. The CGI was great, and the humor was delightful. All I can say is that Viva Pinata was a decent show.moreless
  • its too dumb

    a show about pinatas running aqroound on island just sounds dumb even if you never watched it before. the storylimes are very dumb and not very well thought out and this show needs fine tooning. the animation is okay but doesn't make up for the lack of variety of charecter styles. this show could be funny if it were tweeked a little but that probaly won't happen. i'll admitt it does have some funny moments but they are far and few between. what a lame show its not good at all. i'm sure the video game that this show is based off can't be much better.moreless
  • Great show.

    These are one of the good kids animated series.I mean,the pinata idea was pretty much good,but the villians were not that good.I would very say that this show is pretty much good.Well,I've seen some of the episodes on Demand,but the rest I haven't seen.Paulie is kind of my favorite character on this show because it had done pretty much well on this show.Kirby:Right Back At Ya,I don't know about this show,but the one I'm reviewing right now is pretty much cool.It maybe didn't do good,but it did do good to me.I don't pretty much like this show,but I thimk it's pretty good.moreless
  • Real Awesome Show.

    Even though there's no point to this cartoon, its still a great show and I love it! The theme song is fun to listen to and all the charactes are great with their diffrent personalities like Franklin Fizzleybear always having fun, or Fergy Fudgehog always trying to avoid having to go to a kids party and be bashed to pieces. I don't know what else to say. This is the perfect comedy cartoon with animals in it. I wish the scale could go higher so I could give it a bigger score. Oh well. . . . . . . .moreless
  • Now THAT's what appeals

    Viva Pinata is just a good old fashion comedic show. Using the creatures of the actual X-Box 360 games and making various stories out of each of the unique creatures that live their.

    I'll start with the pros of the show: The writing is good for the most part. The visuals are very well animated and as colorful as you can imagine. Good voice acting and music contribute to the fine quality

    Cons: Sometimes things seem a little chliche and like I said in the pros, the writing is good for the most part. There are a few times with bad dialogue. And the show mostly appears for kids, so if you're one of those really mature people it might not appeal to you.

    But as far as children's show go this is one I recommend. I'm not going to say it's great, but it's pretty good. Kind of reminds me of looney toons.moreless

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