Viva Piñata

Saturday 8:00 AM on The CW Premiered Aug 26, 2006 Between Seasons





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  • This really didn't need to be put on the air. But overall, it was decent.

    Viva Pinata. It's a show about Pinatas living on Pinata Island doing Pinata activities. You like Pinatas that talk and walk? Then this is the show for you! Overall Viva Pinata was decent, not the best animated series to be put on the air, oh heck no, but hey, it was pretty entertaining and fun during its run. The CGI was great, and the humor was delightful. All I can say is that Viva Pinata was a decent show.
  • its too dumb

    a show about pinatas running aqroound on island just sounds dumb even if you never watched it before. the storylimes are very dumb and not very well thought out and this show needs fine tooning. the animation is okay but doesn't make up for the lack of variety of charecter styles. this show could be funny if it were tweeked a little but that probaly won't happen. i'll admitt it does have some funny moments but they are far and few between. what a lame show its not good at all. i'm sure the video game that this show is based off can't be much better.
  • Great show.

    These are one of the good kids animated series.I mean,the pinata idea was pretty much good,but the villians were not that good.I would very say that this show is pretty much good.Well,I've seen some of the episodes on Demand,but the rest I haven't seen.Paulie is kind of my favorite character on this show because it had done pretty much well on this show.Kirby:Right Back At Ya,I don't know about this show,but the one I'm reviewing right now is pretty much cool.It maybe didn't do good,but it did do good to me.I don't pretty much like this show,but I thimk it's pretty good.
  • Now THAT's what appeals

    Viva Pinata is just a good old fashion comedic show. Using the creatures of the actual X-Box 360 games and making various stories out of each of the unique creatures that live their.

    I'll start with the pros of the show: The writing is good for the most part. The visuals are very well animated and as colorful as you can imagine. Good voice acting and music contribute to the fine quality

    Cons: Sometimes things seem a little chliche and like I said in the pros, the writing is good for the most part. There are a few times with bad dialogue. And the show mostly appears for kids, so if you're one of those really mature people it might not appeal to you.

    But as far as children's show go this is one I recommend. I'm not going to say it's great, but it's pretty good. Kind of reminds me of looney toons.
  • i heart this show!!!!!!

    This show is sssooo cute. it's so amazing how a pinata can have s much stuff going on. there is always somthing big going on. to be honest i did not even think i would like this show. i just watched it one morning because i was expecting to watch the Bratz but this show is replacing it until the third i'm hooked on this show. i actually look foward to saturdays just so that i can watch it. it's a great show to wake up to every saturday, well of course after the winx club, but i look for to this show more. it's so funny and so much fun.
  • Cute show about the world of Pinata's

    You can call me crazy but I believe anything with eyes has a soul and that once you leave a room, your toys and stuffed animals talk amoungst themselves like in Toy Story. If you think I'm crazy that's fine.. it's just me. I LOVE shows like these because it just further's my beliefs. This show is fun and cute and a great start to my lazy Sunday's. The CG is great and I love the colors to this show. I don't really know how a kid would like this show, but for a 21 year old, I love it!
  • Viva Piñata! Don't Beat 'em, Join 'em!

    Viva Piñata is awesome and the most original new show to come on TV in ages! The basic story is that a big group of living piñatas live together on Piñata Island and exist to eat lots of candy and go to parties! When they reach a great enough level of candy, (Candiosity as they call it)they get sent via the Cannoñata to children's parties all over the world! Then when they return they are patched up, ready to party once more! Originally made by legendary games developer 'Rare' as a new game for the Xbox 360, 4Kids have taken the idea and made one of their best shows made yet!
  • How dare they defile Rare-Ware's greatness!

    This show, much like Donkey Kong Country a few years back, is based on a RareWare game. And even though the game is good, this show is just too stupid and cornball to be remotley enjoyable. I admit the CGI is amazing and looks gorgeous but the show is just too whacked out even for being based on a game made by those crazy Brits.
  • Sweet show from what I\'ve seen - Can\'t wait for it to hit Europe!

    So I\'ve seen a couple of Viva Pinata episodes, on Xbox Live Marketplace and a couple of other places online. They seem really cool. The quality of the animation is top notch, and the characters are pretty solid. I like the ideas for storylines - my only problem is that I don\'t find the jokes to be hilarious. Some of them will bring the odd chuckle, others will leave me sour faced. I am yet to find myself roaring with laughter; something which could be accomplished if the writers raised their target audience age just a LITTLE bit.

    I would advise anyone to check out to learn more about the TV show and the VP video game.
  • at first in hated viva pinata but now i love this show its very funny and stuff

    its about these pinata's who party on a island doing stuff silly and energetic wow very funny this is going to be a very good franchise please dont cancell this 4kids even though i hate you for what you do to good anime like one peice so i give this cgi animation franchise a 9.2 out of 10.0 mainly beacause this show isnt the best
  • It's official: Viva Piñata is a definate hit!

    Now, most shows done by 4Kids, such as Bratz, or even Sonic X, may be considered unwatchable by many. But when Rareware, makers of such games as Banjo-Kazooie, Grabbed By the Ghoulies, and even Conker: Live and Reloaded, gets involved with the horrendous ruiners of most Anime that is 4Kids Entertainment, then you get Viva Piñata, the hit TV show based on the upcoming video game for the XBox 360! Though I may never be able to buy an XBox 360, that will not stop me from enjoying Viva Piñata all the same. It's got a similar style to the Donkey Kong Country TV Show, which was not done by Rare themselves, but was just as memorable. Of course, It's just one of the many reasons that Viva Piñata is gonna be a great show!
  • Party Time!!

    This show isn't hafe bad, I like Furgy because of his wight & Brain & Fears, Viva Piñata is so bad I mean it so original it's probaly worth something, Piñatas on an inland is so cool it from Rare the makers of Donkey Kong & Conker, there doing a good job.
  • hole crap who knew Msoft was making tv shows

    this in a very good goood show. The gaphic pwn to the max. You think it would suck eggs but it dosent. some times the storey dose get a litte side tracked but its usaly funny. most of the charcters are very well devaliped but they do throw some guy with not that much story in evey once and a wiile. mostl the show is full of laughs and funny gags.but some times the antaganist dose not show up till late in the episode or its not realy a Piñata person. (sorry if any of my spelling is wrong or my grammer is bad).
  • Viva Piñata! Filled with fun! Viva Piñata! Don't beat 'em, join 'em!

    Viva Piñata is a new show on 4Kids TV on the FOX network. I originally wasn't looking forward to it, but I was so wrong. This is one of my new favorite shows of all time. It's incredibly upbeat and extremely funny. This show was made in collaboration with Rareware, the creators of such video games as Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Banjo-Kazooie.

    In a way, this show is like Banjo-Kazooie meets Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Piñatas live on Piñata Island and you get to see a day in their lives, until one day when they get so much Candiosity that they are blasted out of the island's Cannonata to a kids' party, and on the way, they yell, "Viva Piñata!" Then, after getting beaten and all the candy from inside is eaten, they get re-paper-machéd and returned to Piñata Island for more!

    Piñatas have different personalities as well. There's Hudson Horstachio, the most popular piñata and winner of the annual Horstachio competition five years running, Franklin Fizzybear, who can't tell a lie, Fergy Fudgehog, who eats a lot but is afraid to be blasted off and beaten by kids, and Paulie Pretztail, Fergy's best friend.

    This is a good show and I hope it becomes a success!