Viva Piñata - Season 1

Saturday 8:00 AM on The CW Premiered Aug 26, 2006 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Variations On a Theme Park, Masters Of Klutzfu
    Rodney builds his own theme park...Paulie and Fergy learn Klutzfu!
  • Super Hero Hudson, The Amazing Hudini
    Hudson gains superpowers...Hudson becomes a stuntman.
  • The Horstachio Who Never Was, Fergy Drops Out
    Hudson goes into hiding...Road trip for Fergy abd Paulie.
  • Hudsonly Ever After, Hudson Who-stachio?
    Can Hudson get to sleep... The kids ignore Hudson at a party.
  • A Match Made In Court, Hudson's Better Half
    Hudson is in court...Boys Versus Girls.
  • Arctic Invasion, Say Uncle Hoofy
    Hudson and Langston vs "The Pengums"...Hudson and Fergy fight for "favorite son"
  • Tabloid For Two, All Spun Out
    Hudson and Hailey are all over the newspapers... A New nightclub opens.
  • Ruffians On Strike, Zip It Good
    Pester holds Hudson captive...Hudson takes a vow of Silence.
  • Good Clop, Bad Clop, Announce This
    Hudson wants to be a movie star...Hudson wants to be TV star.
  • Heads and Tails, Speechless
    Hudson's new job is in a SideShow!... Tina loses her voice.
  • The Wrong Stuff, Pinatametermania
    Party time in Outer Space... Crazy Pinata mixup.
  • De-Mock-Racy, Her Royal Forgetfulness
    Election time for Langston's job... Ella becomes a queen.
  • Beauty and The Beasts, The Talented Mr. Hack
    It's the annual Pinata Beauty Parade...Hack replaces Hudson
  • The Transparent Trap, To Catch a Pester
    Fergy becomes invisible....The Pinatas capture Pester.
  • The Old Pinatas Home, Shirley Shells Out
    Pinatas visit the Old Pinatas home...Island Challenge games.
  • Mr. Unbustable, Too Many Fergys
    Fergy becomes unbreakable...Fergy goes back in time, to meet Fergy!
  • Sumo Tsunami, Recipe for Disaster
    Sumo wrestler Fergy!...Time for extreme cooking!
  • Crimes of Passion Fruit, The Antlers are Blowin' in the Wind
    Fergy beats up the Big Boss...Fergy and Paulie find Machi Moojoo
  • Fergy fies a JetPack....Pieena's captured by Professor Pester
  • 10/28/07
    Fergy is abducted.... Ella is hypnotised
  • Hudson's new doll...
  • 10/14/07
    Flex the Fudgehog...Hudson needs a holiday
  • A Terrible Tribute, Pester the Pinata
    Hudson, this is your life!... Pester thinks he's a pinata
  • My Sweet Sours, Six Million Dollar Pinata
    Evil plan..... Bionic Fergy
  • My Pal Langston, Snail's Pace
    Fergy's best friend... Soccer finals
  • 9/19/07
    Snowball war..... Franklin or Spanklin?
  • 4/28/07
    El Sketcho.....Professor Pester's diabolical scheme
  • Treasure of Pinata Madre, Between a Flock and a Hard Place
    Treasure time.....Teddington upstes a sheep
  • Soil and Green, I, Pretztail
    Fergy finds a hideout... Paulie is a squazil
  • Franklingestion & Confetti-it is
    Franlins growing vegtables.... Franklin gets sick
  • Rocket to Nowhere, Twingersnapped
    Fergy's rocket trip.... Lost in the jungle
  • Fergy's cousin... Ellas missing
  • Landon leaves the island... Zombie Pinatas
  • Wraisins of Wrath, Pinata Island Idol
    Baking pies. A dance hall Collapses
  • On a Sour Note, Pig-Out Mountain
    Pinata rock band. Up a mountain
  • The Great Gob Rush, Hero
    Pinata picnic. Franklin saves Hudson
  • Mission Impinatable, My Little Fergy
    Hudson the Horstachio is kidnapped by Professor Pester. Hudson has lots of fans
  • Mad Mongo, Hudson's Biggest Fan
    Wild, untamed pinata...... Hudson has a fan
  • 8/27/06
    Fergy wants to catch a cold. Paulie smells a rat
  • Franklin Can't Dance, Les Saves the Day...Again!
    Franklin impresses a lady fizzlybear. A volcano erupts
  • Trojan Horstachio, The Pinatas Must Be Crazy
    Pester traps Hudson. Best of friends
  • Snow Place Like Home
    Paulie and Fergy decide to "retire" so that they will no longer have to worry about Langston. The Bonboon sells them land in a new "retirement paradise" called "Amazing Acres". But when our guys arrive, they discover that "Amazing Acres" is located in the frozen arctic tundra. It’s up to Franklin, Hudson, and Les to travel to the Arctic North and save their buddies from permanent frostbite.moreless
  • The Abomable Jeli
    The Abomable Jeli
    Episode 42
    On the far, arctic side of the island, our friends find themselves in the middle of the Great Snowball War, pitting a thousand penguins against one huge Jeli. (Are there any other kind?)
  • The Six-Million Dollar Piñata
    When Fergy wakes up to find his body blown to bits thanks to a freak mishap, Prewitt Profitamole rebuilds him with bionic parts. Fergy’s excited to be a super-piñata at first, but the novelty soon wears off when Fergy’s friends take advantage of his new powers eventually causing the bionics to short-circuit from overuse. Fergy runs amuck and there’s only one piñata who can save him.moreless
  • Between a Flock and a Hard Place
    Teddington insults a passing Goobaa, which gets its revenge by framing Teddy for vandalism. Can Teddy prove his innocence before the other Piñatas run him out of town—or worse?
  • Treasure of Piñata Madre
    Paulie, Fergy, and Franklin must return the legendary Treasure of the Piñata Madre to the salt water taffy factory. But will their suspicions of each other—along with Prof. Pester’s nefarious plans—be their undoing?
  • For My Next Trick
    For My Next Trick
    Episode 38
    When Franklin gets a new magic wand, Les gets drafted as his new magical assistant. Franklin becomes an incredible magician (thanks to Les secretly executing the tricks), and actually believes the wand has special powers. But, when Professor Pester tries to steal the wand, will Franklin’s own brand of magic be able to keep him away?moreless
  • Free The Piñatas!
    Free The Piñatas!
    Episode 37
    Using the guise of the Moozitron, Professor Pester starts a "Free the Piñatas" Movement, and convinces the piñatas to march on Piñata Central to tear down the Cannoñata, when it is really a ploy to lure the Piñatas into his trap! Will his plans be successful, or can a smart Piñata save the day?moreless
  • Confetti-itis
    Episode 36
    Franklin has a bad case of Confetti-itis. Dr. Quackberry gives Franklin a potion that seems to be clearing up his condition. In addition, it increases Franklin’s candy capacity! Soon all the other piñatas (except for Paulie and Fergy) are demanding prescriptions from Quackberry, and are rapidly growing huge. But then they discover a rather negative side effect: their skin becomes so strong that they cannot be broken open!moreless
    Episode 35
    When Paulie Pretztail discovers that Party Central has classified him as a Squazzil his self-image shatters. He embraces his ‘true’ heritage and moves in with his kin... but then (like all visiting relatives) Paulie proceeds to drive his new Squazzil family nuts! Can Fergy prove to Paulie that he really is a Pretztail before the Squazzils do their annoying new family member in?moreless
  • Soil and Green
    Soil and Green
    Episode 34
    Fergy and Paulie find a desolate hideout where they can avoid the Cannoñata, however, a Miracle farmer Whirlm named Wendell threatens to blow their cover by turning the hideout into a lush garden.
  • Franklingestion
    Episode 33
    Franklin Fizzlybear returns from Piñata duty at a party to discover that his insides are growing not candy, but vegetables! What happened to Franklin, and will he ever be the same?
  • Twingersnapped!
    Episode 32
    Late for their job as judges at a dance contest, the constantly bickering Tina and Teddington end up lost in the Jungle. A wild fall off a cliff results in them being split in two. At first, they enjoy their freedom -- but when they are captured by Professor Pester, they come to realize just how much they need each other.moreless
  • Rocket to Nowhere
    Rocket to Nowhere
    Episode 31
    To escape going to parties once and for all, Fergy gives the Bonboon all his candy in exchange for a trip on Bonboon’s rocket to another planet. The rocket ends up going nowhere - it’s a fake, of course - but Fergy’s fogged-up helmet makes him think Piñata Island is actually a strange, gassy planet. After confusing his friends for hostile aliens, Fergy desperately tries to get back to the rocket and return “home” before the “aliens” can stop him.moreless
  • Pecky Pudgeon, Private Eye
    When Ella Elephanilla calls reporter Pecky Pudgeon about a threatening letter, he comes to her home -- only to find her missing. This leads him on the trail of mystery as one by one, all his piñata acquaintances vanish. In the end, he finds and rescues Ella – and learns the astonishing secret behind the mystery.moreless
  • Legs, Horstachio of a Different Color
    Fergy is in a dance contest. Hudson has a rival
  • Candibalism
    Episode 29
    Unwilling to share his delicious, life-size chocolate bunnycomb with others, Fergy instead tries to pass it off as his visiting cousin, Candice. But unable to resist 'her' chocolatey charms, Fergy devours the bunnycomb whole. When the piñatas find a bloated Fergy beside the remains of the bunny's disguise, Fergy is arrested and put on trial for eating his own cousin!moreless
  • Invasion of the Boogie Snatchers
    Professor Pester uses hypnotic music to turn all the Piñatas on the island into mindless, obedient zombies so he can get all their candy. The only hope is Paulie’s annoying neighbor and nemesis, Spalding Sparrowmint. But can Paulie convince the stubborn, tone-deaf warbler to overcome their differences and save all the Piñatas?moreless
  • To Catch a Piñata
    To Catch a Piñata
    Episode 27
    When Langston Lickatoad suddenly vacates Piñata Island, Fergy applies for Langston's Piñata Wrangler job. After all, if Fergy's the official wrangler, in charge of picking who goes to what party, he’ll never have to actually attend one himself. But when the mysterious Piñata Central boss notices that Fergy's best friend Paulie Pretztail has never been to a single party, he orders Fergy to round Paulie up for immediate party-duty!moreless
  • Piñata Island Idol
    Piñata Island Idol
    Episode 26
    When Piñata Island's main dance hall collapses during a particularly exuberant night of dancing, the piñatas must somehow raise ten thousand candy coins to rebuild it. They decide to hold a talent show -- but when word of the show reaches Professor Pester, he decides to snare those ten thousand coins for himself. Will his dastardly plans succeed?moreless
  • The Wraisins of Wrath
    Fergy and Paulie bake pie for their friends, but the tasty raisins in the pie have a nasty side-effect, they cause a Piñata to behave in an opposite manner to their normal personality. Can Fergy and Paulie reverse the effects before the garden goes crazy?
  • Royal Visit
    Royal Visit
    Episode 24
    When Fergy learns that a Piñata knighted by King Roario can do whatever he wants - including not going to any parties - He decides to concoct a phony list of heroic deeds, but the King sees through Fergy's cunning (or not so cunning) ruse. He decides to teach Fergy a lesson, by pretending there is a Dragonache that Fergy must slay.moreless
  • Piñatapartyphobia
    Episode 23
    When Fergy's amazingly huge fear of parties goes out of control, it's up to Dr. Quackberry to cure him of the fear, by creating a simulation of Piñata Central. Fergy's rehersal flops, but how will Fergy fare when he ends up going to the real thing, as suggested by the good doctor?moreless
  • Pig-Out Mountain
    Pig-Out Mountain
    Episode 22
    Hoping to avoid going to parties for the rest of his days, Fergy Fudgehog decides to join up with a group of Rashberry Alpine Climbers, and decides to drag a reluctant Paulie Pretztail along for the adventure. The climbers turn out to be thrill-seekers, and Fergy and Paulie end up having to go through trecherous conditions, just to get at the delicious bounty of food, supposedly said to be at the top of the mountain! Can they reach it before going to pieces, as well as another surprise that awaits them?moreless
  • On A Sour Note
    On A Sour Note
    Episode 21
    When Franklin and friends form a rock band, the results are less than rockin'. That is, until a Sour Profitamole joins the group, then the wild sounds coming from this party animal really made it sound as it should. But when the Piñatas try to tame the wild musician, is their performance doomed to end on a sour note?moreless
  • Hero
    Episode 20
    When Franklin saves Hudson's life, he's been hailed as a famous hero, but what happens when the modest Fizzlybear's fame soon eclipses Hudson's?
  • The Great Gob Rush
    Episode 19
    Fergy Fudgehog finds a hidden cave filled with golden caramel clusters. But it’s more than that, when Professor Pester and the Ruffians plant the gobs in the cave, as a trap? Can the Piñatas escape, or will victory be Pester’s?
  • My Little Fergy
    My Little Fergy
    Episode 18
    Fergy's mother, Francine Fudgehog, comes to visit, and learning of what she told Langston, he decides to send him to a party, just so Fergy can make his mother proud. Can he actually handle it, or will he go to pieces?
  • 11/4/06
    When Hudson gets captured by Professor Pester, he thinks the new lair is a new night club, and thinks he doesn't need rescuing. Can his "rescue team" get their act together and save someone who thinks he doesn't need saving?
  • Hudson's Biggest Fan
    After meeting Beverly Badgesicle, his biggest fan, Hudson tries hard to shake her off, despite her devotion and obsessive behavior. Can Franklin's help finally help Hudson get some privacy from his biggest fan?
  • Mad Mongo
    Episode 15
    Franklin and his friends discover a Sour Macaraccoon, who they call "Mongo," and Franklin decides to tame him. Will he be able to tame him in time for the ritziest social event in all of Piñata Island?
  • Les Saves the Day... Again!
    It's time for the Annual Beach Blanket Blowout Bash, but there is a volcano erupting near it and Les Galagoogoo is the only one who knows about it, and no one understands him! Can he save everyone, and at least have everyone know about it?
  • Sick Day
    Sick Day
    Episode 13
    All the piñatas except Fergy are sick, so Fergy cares for them and eats their "sneeze candy" so he can get sick and not have to attend a party. But his plan backfires, when he doesn't get sick, and is the only Piñata healthy enough to go to a party. Can he find a way out of this?moreless
  • Lights, Camera, Action!
    Professor Pester kidnaps the piñatas disguised as Reg Upchuck to trick them into being in a movie, but Paulie smells a rat. Will Paulie save his friends, or will Professor Pester beat them to smithereens.
  • 9/30/06
    Franklin meets Florence Fizzlybear and she wants to dance with him, and Franklin is the worst dancer in the world, but Hudson, Fergy, Paulie, and Ella tell her otherwise. Now Franklin must undergo dance training. But what happens when the music can't be played for Franklin?
  • 9/23/06
    When the Great Bonboon tricks the piñatas into believing a balloon animal is actually PIÑATOR, a supreme being with a sweet tooth, it's up to Paulie to prevent the Bonboon from conning his friends out of all their candy.
  • 7/26/06
    Tina and Teddington's garden. Fergy doesn't want to go to a party
  • Trojan Horstachio
    Episode 9
    Professor Pester and his henchmen disguise themselves as a female horstachio in order to trap Hudson. Hudson immediately falls in love with the new horstachio, but insists on showing her everything about him and his life. Pester will need to create a love greater than Hudson's love for himself if he hopes to capture him.moreless
  • The Crush
    Episode 8
    Paulie and Fergy ask the short-term memory Ella Elephanilla to the Dance of Romance, unbeknownst to each other. Can either ONE of them go to the dance with Ella, and why is Franklin helping both of them with the situation?
  • 9/16/06
    Wilson Whirlm dreams of being blasted off to kids' party, whereas Fergy will do anything to avoid it. Can Hudson Horstachio teach him how to be a real party animal, or is Fergy doomed to go to a party?
  • 9/9/06
    Horstachio of a Different Color: A new Horstachio comes along, and he enters the Horastachio Competition that Hudson has won four years in a row. Will his winning streak die down, now that a new Horastachio is in town?
  • Legs
    Episode 5
    Legs: Fergy wants to enter a dance competition, but can't because his legs break. He is forced to use a spare pair of legs that resemble an ostrich. Can he Cluckle-scratch his way to victory, regardless of his new legs?
  • 8/26/06
    A Chewnicorn in the Garden: Fergy and Franklin try to convince Pauly that Chewnicorns do exist, and in order to do so, they must catch one by planting Gem Trees. Can Fergy and Franklin prove Paulie wrong, or are Chewnicorns a figment of imagination?
  • Queen For A Day
    Episode 3
    Franklin begins planting buttercups, trying to get honey for himself. Soon, trouble occurs when the Buzzlegums come along. Will Franklin be able to handle the overwhelming number of Buzzlegums?
  • Candiosity
    Episode 2
    Candiosity: Fergy refuses to go to a party that he is scheduled for. Will the "all-knowing" Bonboon help him get past his fear, and help him lower his Candiosity?
  • Cocoadile Tears
    Episode 1
    Cocoadile Tears: Fergy, Franklin, Les and Paulie must help their friends, Tina and Teddington Twingersnap to make a beautiful garden, but they must get help from Chortles Chippopotamus. Can his advice help Tina & Teddington?
  • Queen for a Day: Franklin Fizzlybear becomes friends with a swarm of Buzzlegums whose queen, Beatrice, was mean to them, so Franklin can get more honey. Chewnicorn in the Garden: Franklin and Fergy try to convince Paulie that Chewnicorns exist.
  • Whirlm With a Dream / The Crush
    Whirlm With a Dream: Wilson Whirlm is constantly being picked on just because he wants to be an animal, but his candiosity is zero! Wilson goes to Hudson for help, but want can he to help him? The Crush: Paulie and Fergy grow to love Ella Elephanilla. They ask her to the Dance of Romance. Franklin, secretly loves her as well, but he doesn't tell the two. Will the three ever resolve the problem?moreless