Viva Piñata - Season 3

Saturday 8:00 AM on The CW Premiered Aug 26, 2006 Between Seasons



User Score: 1113

Episode Guide

  • The Talented Mr. Hack
    Hudson trains Hack Horstachio to impersonate him and attend undesirable celebrity engagements in his place. But his plan backfires when Hack kidnaps Hudson and steals his life! Will the gang see through Hack's ruse?
  • Beauty and the Beasts
    Hudson Horstachio is hosting the Annual Piñata Beauty Pageant. The grand prize is an Around the World Cruise with Hudson himself! When Hudson discovers that all of the contestants are his annoying old girlfriends, he presses his friends Fergy, Paulie, and Franklin to join the contest.
  • Bringing Up Cluckle
    When Hudson starts a "Big Brother" foundation for publicity purposes he gets more than he bargained for when one of his first clients turns out to be a Dragonache. Can the horstachio take care of a half-ton, fire-breathing baby and not look like a fool in the press?
  • 10/4/08
    Fergy realizes that Ella's bad memory makes her the perfect piñata to complain to about other piñatas – she doesn't remember anything she's told. He turns that into a business –- but somehow Ella now suddenly remembers EVERYTHING. Fergy tries to stop Ella from dishing the dirt on all his friends –- while Professor Pester fears his darkest secret will now be revealed…moreless
  • Motivation Camp
    Episode 7
    Langston sends Fergy and Paulie to Eddie Eaglair's motivational boot camp, to get them to party once and for all. But when the boys manage to spoil every exercise Eddie puts them through, it's the broken-down eaglair who's the one in need of help.
  • My Sweet Swanana
    My Sweet Swanana
    Episode 7
    Macho Rory Rashberry decides that its time to find a mate. His enlists the help of Paulie and Fergy, who encourage him to try the Bonboon's dating service, where he is fixed up with the very classy Svetlana Swanana . Will this odd pairing be a success? Or will opposites repel?moreless
  • To Catch A Pester
    To Catch A Pester
    Episode 6
    Tired of Professor Pester's attempts to capture them, the Piñatas get proactive and capture him! But as their prisoner, Pester puts in requests: like for an HD TV, a Jacuzzi and all the candy in the world! The Piñatas are too polite to say no. After all, Pester is their guest - A guest who won't leave!moreless
  • The Transparent Trap
    Fergy buys some "invisiblity potion" from the Bonboon and is so convinced of his new power that he tempts fate by charging to the heart of Piñata Central.
  • Shirley Shells Out
    Shirley Shells Out
    Episode 4
    Professor Pester, still dreaming of a sour army under his controls, comes to the Island Challenge games. He talks slow Shirley Shellybean into taking the potion that turns her into a superspeedy sour who races to the front, knocking out other piñatas, and destroying gardens along the way. But when she becomes her normal self just inches from the finish line, she has a decision to make…moreless
  • The Old Piñatas Home
    Fergy and his friends visit the Old Piñatas Home, where they try to spice up the sedentary lives of the elderly residents -- with disastrous results. Even more disastrous is their effort to save the old piñatas from capture by Pester and the Ruffians. In the end, the oldsters save their would-be younger rescuers.moreless
  • Hibernation Nation
    Episode 2
    Franklin invites his friends up to a family party way up in the mountains, but after dinner, the fizzlybears all hibernate and our friends are stuck in a snowed-in cave. Only the city-slicker Hudson can save his friends, piloting a rickety cable-car to rescue them, somehow.
  • Party Parasite
    Party Parasite
    Episode 1
    Hudson finds that he can no longer generate candy. Dr. Quackberry discovers the problem is that Hudson has a dreaded party parasite inside, and that the only solution is for a crack team of piñatas to be miniaturized and go inside Hudson. The team runs into trouble when the parasite turns out to be none other than Professor Pester!moreless
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