Voices of Civil Rights

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    • Mississippi State Secrets
      There was a mystery going on in Mississippi for almost 20 years beginning in 1956. Though the state was charged with prosecuting crimes, it set up something called the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission. Its job was to spy on people connected to the civil rights movement. We'll see why one observer called the commission, funded by the state through 1972, a combination of Keystone Cops and 1984. When commission records were finally opened in 1989, it had amassed a list of over 80,000 names.moreless
    • Crossing the Bridge
      Selma, Alabama, March 7, 1965. A line of civil rights protesters crossed the Edmund Pettis Bridge on a march to the capital in Montgomery. Alabama State Troopers blocked their path, and the unprovoked brutality that followed shocked a nation and moved President Johnson to press for passage of a voting rights bill. We trace events leading up to "Bloody Sunday", draw on personal experiences, and provide an unique backdrop to one of America's most turbulent times.moreless
    • Crucibles of Courage
      Crucible of Courage will explore the stories of five famous Black Americans and the ways in which their lives and work impacted our world today. Individuals profiled will include people across a broad spectrum of history representing achievements in politics, business, medicine, the arts and sports. Potential profiles include George Washington Carver, Sojourner Truth, W.E.B. DuBois, Ida B. Wells, Dr. Charles Drew, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, Mohammed Ali, Andrew Young, Maya Angelou and Colin Powell. Using interviews, location footage and archive material we will bring these stories to life as they celebrate the invaluable accomplishments of five people who helped shape our country. Senator Barack Obama will serve as our host introducing each person selected for the program.moreless
    • Voices of Civil Rights
      Join us for a fascinating look at one of the defining social movements in America's history--the Civil Rights Movement--told through the small, personal stories of men, women, and children who lived through this turbulent time. To collect these hundreds of personal narratives, a group of journalists, photographers, and videographers embarked on a 70-day bus trip around the country. The trove of material they collected makes up the country's largest archive of oral histories of the Civil Rights Movement and will be housed in the Library of Congress. What emerges as people tell us their stories is not a textbook history lesson, but a series of intimate themes that define and humanize the movement's growth and trajectory. We also provide a "big picture" of what was going on in the country during each period in the movement, from the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision to the assassination of Martin Luther King.moreless
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