Voltes V

TV Asahi (ended 1978)





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  • Old era of anime and cartoon.

    It's an underrated and unrecognized show. This is absolutely fantastic in anyways. It has a great plot. Great action, great animation, great art.

    Plot: It follows around the heroic team called the "Voltes Team" which helps against the war on the alien invaders from the planet Boazan. They ride a machine called "Beast Fighter" that can combine to be a huge fighting robot. I like it when it focuses about equality, love of family, team work, and selfless sacrifice.

    Characters: Detailed excellently when it comes to their personalities and their back story. VA is great!

    Action value: Retro styled robo-action. Why I like these kind of action!

    Art: Retro styled too. Art and animation. Nice in my view.

    Overall: 10. Deserves more recognition.
  • The most beautiful Robot anime of all times. It was aired in 1977 and I was young then. Now while watching it at my own DVD, I could say that its incomparable to the others.

    The most beautiful anime of all times. It was aired in April 1977, I was young then, a child and then it get back in 1986 here in the philippines. Now, while watching it again on my DVD I could say that it is incomparable to other Robot anime since the story and the animation plus the robot is remarkable.Its very inspiring to watch since the story has its relevance to us.I wish i could have a toy robot voltes v so to remind me about the beauty of it. It is now classified as a classic cartoon because of its legacy in the field of fame to viewers here in my country. Until now it has been the most sought after specially to my batch, the kids of 1977.
  • My Favorite Childhood Cartoon of ALL time! !!

    I remember watching this when I was 4, singing along to the opening song in Japanese.. This show was awesome. VOLTRON Copied This Show and they get all the credit, tis a shame I tell you! Voltes V was a follow up for Combattler V. It's about the Boazanians trying to defeat the world with their beast fighters. But then Voltes V came out to fight them, which were 5 pilots that make up the super robot to fight off the "Beast Fighters" one at a time. They just don't make any more cool cartoons like this nowadays!!
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