Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 13

A Ghost of a Chance

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1985 on

Episode Recap

On Arus, a rumor is going around among the people that Alfor appears as a ghost sometimes and will actually come back to life soon. A group of them go down to the valley where its rumored Alfor will return and it's there that a mysterious stranger leads them into some caves to "see for themselves". They're led to a bust of Alfor and his golden shield and begin to believe the old lady speaks the truth.

Back at the Castle of Lions, the Voltron Force speaks of the rumor and hope that it's true. Shortly after, the Arusian men who were in the caves come to the Castle to tell Allura about the shield. She believes now more than ever that her father is going to come back. Allura runs down to the valley alone, and the rest of the team follows after her.

The mystery woman watches Allura enter the cave and reveals herself to the audience as Merla. Allura finds the bust, and as she stands before it, some horrific meteor of some sort crashes into the earth causing the heavy statue to fall over. It would have crushed Allura if not for Keith showing up just in time to shove her out of the way. The team figure out that the statue and shield are fakes but they have bigger problems now. The meteor blocks the cave entrance and threatens to roll inside to crush them all.

Amazingly, the boys hold back the meteor enough for Allura to squeeze out, but a cave in keeps the boys in. Allura runs for help. Merla's star cutter emerges from the meteor to launch an attack on the Castle. A hole is blown in the castle and doom tanks roll in. Out of one jumps Merla, who corners the Princess. It seems Allura knows of Merla already.

Lotor, Haggar and Cossack show up to crash Merla's little party. An amusing bit takes place where Merla and Allura take jabs at how lame Lotor really is! The ladies may be at odds, but that much they can agree on. Merla refuses to let Lotor take the Princess as prisoner while inside the castle, doom robots take Coran prisoner. In the cave, Pidge thinks he's found an alternate way out.

Merla has Allura put in the contraption on her ship and sends her off to that painful dimension. However, Lotor stops her at the last minute and demands that Allura be brought back. Under the threat of Lotor's sword, Merla has no choice. She tries to use her mental powers on him to get him to agree to hand Allura back over to her, but it doesn't work. Lotor explains that his love is more powerful than Merla's power. Awwww. What really sucks is Allura escapes because Merla gets duped by space mice. doh! Furthermore, Cossack and Haggar simply allow Allura to run off back to the Castle.

Back in the cave, the boys find a room that holds a mural of the King in his last battle with Zarkon. Suddenly, Alfor's ghost appears. In feats not seen before (and I wish was never seen here, heh), the ghost transports the boys to their lions. He also puts Allura in her lion. I like the good guys to win, folks - but not like this! Stuff like this makes me want to give Zarkon a hug, and that's just wrong.