Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 9

A Storm of Meteors

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1984 on

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  • An beautiful spy comes

    An unidenitfy spaceship approaches the planet.Hunk went to investigate it and discovered an girl who was an slave to King Zarkon.Keith believed that she could be an spy for Zarkon.Than one night she begin to searched room for the missles.As it turns out that she is King Zarkon spy.When it turns out that something happened.When the other learns the truth that she was an spy.So the others race aganist time to stop the bomb and Hunk went after the girl.Haggar believes that they wont form Vltron while chasing the girl.She explain to Hunk about the bargin that Zarkon said if Arus is destory thier people would be free and her brother turn her into robeast to finish the bargen.The others prepare for battle.

    After relizing what she done.She hope Voltron would win.An very great episode.