Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 52

A Transplant for Blue Lion

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Keith decides that this means they must better prepare; train harder - have more "zip and polish". The part where Keith and Lance almost come to blows is amusing too - Lance is such a little smart ass! (Lance: Count me out. You're going to polish us off to a dull finish. Keith: grrr! Let's see if your reflexes work as good as your mouth!) But before they go out to train, Coran asks them to warn the townspeople they're at risk for another attack and to tell them to come to the Castle. When they get there, it's a tense moment as they find themselves at gunpoint. But all is well - it's merely the townspeople's way of showing they're not going to hide from Lotor anymore and that they've decided to stay and fight for their town.

Meanwhile, Haggar has finished repairs on the Robeast and she's convinced it has what it takes this time to finish Voltron for good - it has the power of ten robeasts! (I was also amused by Lotor's reply to Haggar's request for 'a little reward' when her robeast wins Arus: "Of course. I'll get you a new crystal ball and a dozen brooms)

Back on Arus, Keith is pushing the force hard in training, and poor Princess is taking a beating. She crashes her Lion and has a tough time dealing with a live fire drill. Nanny has an obligatory freak out but Coran convinces her this training is crutial because Lotor knows they're weak and vulnerable thanks to the last attack. So when Keith orders Coron to have the Castle fire on Voltron without mercy, he doesn't question it. They do well at first, but when Keith has everyone strictly stick to evasive maneuvers, Hunk takes a hit and his Lion detaches. He quickly joins up with Voltron again, only to mess up again. This time he spirals out of control and crashes - it's tough to see such a big guy like Hunk cry but he got quite upset with himself for messing up...twice. Lance doesn't help comfort Hunk with comments like "Maybe we can make it with a one-legged Voltron if we don't do a lot of walking".

Time for pep talks and sobbing is cut short when Lotor's fleet is spotted coming their way. When the robeast is released, Hunk wants to redeem himself by leading the attack despite Keith's reservations. Of course, he gets into major trouble and when the team tries to cover him, they get into a heap of trouble themselves. But, when the robeast gets distracted by destroying the town, the Lions actually pull off a power dive that takes the robeast's head off. Next, Voltron is formed. He quickly finds himself in the grip of another of the Robeast's powerful beams. But Alfor to the rescue! The ghostly King appears to Keith and reminds him of the stream/river garbage. This inspires Keith to concentrate all the Lion's power so that the heads of Voltron's extremities fire at the robeast, impaling it. This clears the way for the blazing sword to mop up.

At the end, one of the pregnant townswomen gives birth to a baby girl that the Princess claims will be named Voltricia. Oh brother!

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