Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 21

Bad Birthday Party

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1984 on

Episode Recap

The people of Nemon are enslaved, however, and one young boy manages to steal a ship and escape. In a now-familiar turn of events, he's shot down by pursuing Doomites and happens to crash land on Arus - right in the Castle of Lions' moat, to be exact. To keep the slaves left behind in check, Tabor plans to torture a group of them as punishment for the one that escaped.

Learning nothing from their experience with Twila, the Voltron Force takes Jai, the escaped slave, in and nurse him to health. He feels too guilty to eat while his people are starving and begs the Voltron Force to help them. Princess Allura sympathizes with him, but feels she must consult with the team and Coran, her advisor. There are dangers to consider given the trecherous space they'd have to travel to reach Nemon, not to mention that such a trip would leave Arus unprotected. Jai stumbles out of his bed to plead with them to help, which does the trick. The VF decide to launch for Planet Nemon.

Meanwhile, Zarkon arrives on the planet where he finds a large statue of himself as part of his birthday celebration. After having a time trying to navigate an asteroid field, Voltron shows up to spoil the fun. The fun in question having to do with slave torture, which was about to begin. The first thing Voltron does is destroy the statue of Zarkon. To throw Voltron off their tail as they flee, Haggar sends out not one but two Robeasts. An epic battle ensues, but as usual, Voltron wins.

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