Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 41

Coran's Son Runs Amuck

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1984 on

Episode Recap

In the Castle, a pissed off Garrett plots his revenge and his own take-over of Arus, while Coran tries to gain entrance to the control room to stop him. It's also reported that Voltron was shot out of the sky, and Coran sends out their ships to try to both defend the castle and find the Lions. Unfortunately, the cannon takes care of the surprise attack fleet and Garrett is still holed up at Castle control.

Back on Doom, Zarkon is skeptical they've won. He suspects the Voltron Force is playing dead and that Lotor is a useless imbecile that cannot see this (again, many amusing insults and one-liners here hehe!) Haggar assures him victory is theirs, pointing out that Voltron has never before been forced to disassemble in battle. Looks like Haggar needs a new crystal ball because on Arus, the Voltron Force is coming to and getting ready to spring their surprise on the Doomies.

However, the Princess is unreachable as it seems a well-meaning mountain peasant took her out of her Lion and has her resting in his tent. The man turns out to be somewhat of a mystic and tells Allura that Coran's real son is safe in another dimension and that the headstone they erected was to fool Zarkon into thinking Coran's wife and child are dead (I bet this is more Americanized BS to make excuses for the fact that in GoLion, it's all but guaranteed Zarkon executed them).

The others find the Princess and camp out for the night in the little village. Their plan is to knock out the cannon at night because it's solar powered, but they have to do it without Blue Lion as it was badly damaged in the last crash. Before they head off, some background on Lance is revealed when he talks about how he grew up a country boy and lived in a hut until Zarkon came and attacked.

As dawn approaches, they attack the cannon and reveal their ruse to Lotor. He still thinks he has a chance, noting only 4 lions present...that is until Princess arrives and Voltron is formed. He destroys the cannon and Lotor is forced to flee in disgrace yet again. But, they still have Garrett to deal with. In a rushed ending, Garrett and Coran face off, with both being shot. Later, Garrett is supposedly in prison and Coran thinks he should resign for letting his personal feelings cloud his judgment. Allura convinces him that he's only human and that he should stay on.

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