Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 1

Dinner and a Show

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Just when Sven and Bandor are surrounded, Cossack promptly pulls back and leaves. It appears dealing with the Lions would prove more fun for him. Sven smells a rat but he can't figure out what they're up to.

Turns out, Lotor and Haggar are plotting a lure so that Lotor can finally have the Princess for himself. Of course, this is against the wishes of Zarkon so they must be sure he remains unaware of their plot.

While en route to Pollux to help Romelle out, the team pick up something in a nearby asteroid belt and go to investigate. Allura is overcome by some mysterious forces and crashes her Lion. She comes to her senses when she lands but can't get any of her teammates on the radio. So naturally, she gets out to wander around. She stumbles right into Lotor's trap and becomes his captive.

To help them get better acquainted before they marry, Lotor prepares an elaborate dinner and a show for the Princess. Allura cannot eat food she knows was prepared by slaves, so Lotor moves on to the show. Which is a video feed of Cossack torturing one of the captured Pollux simpletons. Allura begs him to make Cossack stop, but Lotor will not unless she agrees to marry him. She refuses, hoping the Voltron force finds the people and frees them. But Lotor has plans to destroy the Lions.

Lotor traps all the Lions, threatening to crush them if Allura doesn't agree to marry him. The team urges her to resist, assuming Lotor will destroy them no matter what. Alfor appears to Allura just as she's about to give in and convinces her to fight. She fights her way out of the banquet hall with a little help from her dead father and gets to her lion. The other Lions are soon free and Lotor is on the run with the slaves. Haggar launches a robeast, and after some struggle it is dispatched in the usual way. The slaves are returned to Pollux and everyone is happy again.
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