Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 1

Dinner and a Show

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1985 on

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  • Sven, Romelle and Bandor move into the spotlight, just as Planet Doom flies its forces through a gaping plothole.

    The plus side, and it is quite a plus : The people of Arus' sister planet Pollux are shown, a bit tougher hewn, less cosmic doormat, and a good fit for Sven, who has no desire to be an alternate Voltron pilot, along with being sweet on Allura's twin cousin Romelle. This really feels like a new storyline, and it makes sense, since it doesn't have to shoehorn existing footage into a plot frame. We do see the Voltron force to be sure, and we see Yurak 2.3, aka Cossack, who's supposed to be terrible but is mainly good at being a non-bumbling lackey to Zarkon, Lotor and Haggar. The minus side? The Voltron Force invaded and all but destroyed Planet Doom when last we saw them. Granted, in the US version all three villains escaped, but their base of operations was blown to kingdom come and back again. Couldn't the writers have put in a throwaway line about how Galaxy Garrison's decision not to occupy Planet Doom was responsible for this, or something? Even with that, Zarkon is up and running like he never suffered a defeat. No regrouping, or anything. Maybe the three villains weren't thrown in jail or killed, but they were beaten seven ways to Thursday, and to see them not even gnash their teeth at having to scrounge seems weird, even in a kids cartoon.