Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 2

Envoy from Galaxy Garrison

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Meanwhile, Zarkon listens to Haggar's latest scheme, which involves some moon stones she found. The stones are said to be many times stronger than diamonds, and whatever is bathed in beams from these rocks also becomes unbelievably durable. Who wants to guess what gets treated with the stones? It starts with R and ends in obeast. If Haggar's treated Robeast wins, she has one demand - to become queen of Doom. Zarkon takes the wait and see approach. Zarkon sees a victory as a reason to be rid of Lotor once and for all. Where's the love, people? Of course, it's typical evil-guy spiel to voice such a thing out loud, and Lotor overhears it. He's shocked - I don't know why though, seems how he'd slit Zarkon's throat if he had the chance. But anyway I'm sure this figures into the plot later. Back on Arus, the Castle crew is playing host to an intergalactic group of visitors. Everyone is overjoyed, except the Voltron Force. It seems that the Galaxy Alliance finds it customary to send one of its brass to each planet to oversee and take command, and now Arus has recieved its stuffy General dude. Allura is pleased but the rest of the team very much wear like Please! expressions. No good can come of this, I'm sure. On Doom, Haggar finds the festivities on Arus annoying so Zarkon suggests sending her new Robeast to take care of the problem. She gladly complies. Pidge is off chasing mice and the new General is disgusted by it all. It's not way for a pilot to behave, he thinks, and only cements his notion that the Voltron Force is immature. Apparently, in the far future where this takes place, the internet no longer exists to put matters of maturity into proportion haw haw. In the ballroom, the other guys are drooling over Allura and annoyed at the fact that she's only dancing with Coran. The new General appears and finds problems with their interest in dancing and girls they should be out training, dammit! To him, pilot and eunich are synonyms I guess. Yeesh. Pidge throws an amusing fit when the General suggest Voltron is overused and that he planned to fight Lotor with military strategy. The General then asks to see the Castle's control room, with much the same arrogant posturing as before. Pidge doesn't think he can handle it, all them shiny buttons! Hey, if Princess can run it anybody can, right? Pidge leaves the General in the room alone, and nobody seems to notice Coba Haggar's evil feline sidekick, slip into the room. When Pidge meets up with the others in the hall, they all go back to the Control room to try to reason with the General. Haggar decides to strike. Alarms blare in the control room and the General orders the team to follow his lead. But first, the Princess and Coran are signaled and they slip out of the ball without alarming anyone. When the Princess arrives, they do launch the Lions but are under strict orders for no Voltron. They run into the Robeast - almost literally - and soon discover its super-toughness. They're about to defy orders and form Voltron, when Coba turns up in Pidge's Lion and gives him hell. As a result, he crashes. The cat tries to escape with the Lion's key, but the space mice stop him from doing that much. When they fail to beat the robeast with just the Lions (as if that's EVER been done haha), the General chalks it up to their youth and wants to replace them with older pilots. Coran finally sticks up for the team while Marshall Graham comes over the communicator to relieve the General of his command and put Keith back in charge. After everyone regroups from their ordeals, Voltron is formed. As an aside, it's both great and sad when they use the old animation in the formation sequence. Great because it's better animation. Sad because it hits you how craptastic the work on season two was. Keith also says form arms and torso in this ep during formation, which is odd because its not the norm...that's more of a thing. Anyway...Zarkon summed up the easy blazing sword defeat by calling moon stone as worthless as her crystal ball. Haggar simply passes the buck to Coba. When all else fails blame the pet!
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