Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 61

Final Victory

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Meanwhile, it's time for Voltron again. Afterward, he prepares to face off against the well-fortified castle. Even Cheesy saves the day when he and his crew spot a Doomite sniper and take care of him before he can shoot Romelle. Lotor was just as appalled as I was.

Voltron gets in a really tight spot and it looks like curtains for him again. But you guessed it - the Castle of Lions shows up just in time. The Castle and Voltorn open up with all their fire power on Castle Doom. The Castle is devastated and Lotor's minions beg him to consider surrender. They put up a fight, but Lotor defeats them all when they demand he surrender.

The slaves are all freed, and Sven decides to seek out Lotor for some score settling. Romelle doesn't want him to go, but he insists so she gives him a dagger to help protect him. The others arrive in time to find out Sven foolishly went in the remains of the Castle by himself. Sven, in the meantime, thinks he's found Lotor sitting on his throne and shoots him. Trouble is, he shot a decoy which allowed the real Lotor to get the jump on him. Lotor has sven at his mercy and the others are powerless to save him. He uses Sven to get away when a capsule comes down over the throne and carries them both high above. At the top, a weapon is mounted, one Lotor is sure will destroy Voltron. With Sven as a hostage, The Voltron force has to comply with Lotor's demand to bring him the robot, unmanned. He begins to melt Voltron down with the weapon, but the space mice have a plan. They supply enough of a distraction to allow Sven to use his dagger - which inadvertantly destroys the weapon. He and Lotor then struggle atop what's left of Castle Doom. And both plunge far below into some water, the remains of the Castle tumbling on top of them. Both are said to survive, with Lotor vowing to return to Doom and rebuild. When the team returns to Arus, a celebration is going on but the team opts out in favor of some R&R out in the country. It ends with Pidge wondering if they'll get reassigned, and then a scene with the Vehicle Force listening to Chip read a letter from Pidge about how they'd defeated the Drules in the Denubian galaxy.

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