Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 0

Fleet of Doom

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1986 on

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  • Awsome tv movie special!

    This is the first time ever that two anime show with Voltron in its name.That right Voltron and Vheicle Voltron come together in this tv movie special to defeat their foes.When they both are suppose to meet in the same planet.Haggar spirited away Allura into dream world.Keith must go and ruescue her and conquier his fear that he had when he was once an child.While Hunk,Pidge,and Lance had to fight aganist emeny fleet on their own.After saving Allura,the two reunites with their friends and form Voltron to defeat Lotor.Who somehow made his toughest robot yet.So both Voltron and the Veichle Voltron fought together to defeat the emeny and won.

    If nobody saw the Vechile Voltron.Than u get to meet the characters at the end reuniting with their friends.Even Pidge's brother as well.I thought it was cool.I seen it on youtube many times.
  • King Zarkon and Drule Viceroy Throk have joined forces to create a powerful fleet of ships with the intentions of destroying the Alliance's vital power base. The Lion and Vehicle Voltron Forces work together to stop the deadly Fleet of Doom.

    This Voltron special brings the two Voltrons together for the first time. It's an entertaining special but it could have been better. As is the case in general, Lion Volton overshadows Vehicle Voltron. The primary focus is on the Lion Voltron characters (Keith's attemps to rescue Allura, Haggar's inner demons. Lotor and Cossack pretty much run the whole Fleet of Doom attack). Even the Vehicle Voltron villains are presented as an afterthought. We see very little of Viceroy Throk or the Drules at all for that matter. Still this special will not disappoint the Voltron fans. Not great, but good.