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    Please read through the following guidelines, before contributing:


    Need to be Episode specific, not Show specific.
    Need to be properly Formatted with HTML tags
    Never use Quotation Marks
    If a set-up is needed, to understand the quote, Please use the Italic tags to explain the dialogue, and its importance.
    Bosco: (Swerving at the last minute) Whew, that was a close one!
    Faith: That could've resulted in severe tire damage.
    Bosco: (Nods in agreement) That is why they post those warning signs.


    Hank: Whew, that was a close one!
    Peggy: That could've resulted in severe tire damage.

    General Guideline Hints:

    **If a quote is a one liner, it most likely needs a bit of explanation.
    **Never use Quotation Marks.
    **Use Italic tags, when naming Titles(Movies, Tv shows, Plays, Books, Song Titles, ETC)
    **Please do not use any

    tags in Quotes.
    **Frame any "Action" with & tags (as shown above)
    **Please place the Colon OUTSIDE of the tags.
    **No spaces between the HTML Tags.

    be certain that what you are submitting meets the TOS standards, Please
    try and submit a few at a time .

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