Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 17

Give Me Your Princess

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Give Me Your Princess

Arriving on Arus with a fleet of fighters, Lotor means business. The Lions of course, launch to meet the challenge but before they can form Voltron, Lotor blasts the Black Lion hard. Trouble is, the Princess is flying it! Just before Lotor arrived, she swiped the Lion believing that as the leader of Arus, she should know how to pilot the main Lion just in case. Luckily, the other Lions come on strong enough so that Lotor retreats.

Lotor returns to Doom to drown his sorrows in drink and sulk. Though he's surrounded by gorgeous belly dancers, all he can see is Allura and his lust for her.

Back on Arus, the boys are shunning Allura as they're pissed she took the Black Lion. Keith particularly devastates her with some harsh words, after which she runs to her room to sob. Later, Keith is on nightwatch and the Princess goes to the control room to try again to talk it out. But she turns around at the door as she remembers everyone's criticisms from earlier. Lotor is back as well, prowling around the Castle's perimeter and hoping for some way inside.

In the meantime, Allura is having fitful dreams. After overhearing the team talking about her again, Allura decides its in Arus' best interest to surrender to Lotor. So taking her Blue Lion, she heads off to meet him.

The others persue her, but she's already in Lotor's clutches. With the Princess as leverage, Lotor almost gets the Lion keys from Keith but a well placed blast from the Castle takes care of that. In the chaos, Keith tries to usher the Princess to safety, but Lotor gets in a good swipe with his laser sword. Though his back has been sliced, Keith wards off Lotor while the Princess runs.

Allura slices up Lotor's command ship with her Lion before Voltron is formed to finish it off. In the end, the Princess sheds more tears, but this time because she's reassured the others need and care for her.

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