Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 2 Episode 9

Hazar Is Demoted

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 1984 on

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  • Drule Supreme Commander Hazar returns to his home planet to stand trial by the Durle Supreme Council for treason. Hazar's parents and sister stand by him, but the people openly voice their hatred of Hazar and he is ultimately sent into exile.

    This episode, for a short time, briefly shifts focus from the Alliance to the Drule Empire which is a welcome change. It's nice to see things from the other side. This episode also shows a fundamental difference between Lion Voltron and Vehilcle Voltron. Lion Voltron focused more on action while Vehicle Voltron featured more episodes that were more story driven. What is another positive aspect of this episode is that the viewer gets a glimpse into Hazar's personal life and get a glimpse of his family. Seeing Hazar plead his case to the Drule Supreme Council was very entertaining indeed.