Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 8

In Search of New Worlds

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 1984 on

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  • An mysterous stranger kidnaps the princess

    Princess Allura is getting some training of riding the blue lion.Even though she couldn't do an good job training.As she fall down and as the others were about to miss.An mysterous stranger come along and saves her.Lance and the mysterous guy fight with each other.Altough Lance see's that there is something not right about this guy.King Zarkon plans is finally come to place.Lance could see that he is an faker.Coran and Allura decided that the Prince would join the Voltron Force.That is when the plan goes into action after he is given the key to the blue lion.He kidnaps the Princess and the others goes after him to ruescue Princess Allura.Altough he demend her to drive.She refuse by Keith told her to do it.Than he reveals to be an robeast.Than Voltron is form once more and the robeast fake prince is gone.

    It was an great episode actucally all Voltron episodes are best.
  • With the powerful Voltron as their aide, the crew of the Galaxay Garrison ship Explorer heads out to search for new worlds.

    The first full episode to feature "Vehicle Voltron" gets the series started on the right foot. The Japanimated series "Armored Fleet Diarugger XV" is what was used to create this portion of the popular series. Totally unrelated to "King of Beasts Golion," (The Japanimated series used to create "Lion Voltron".) this series introduces us to a new group of characters and enemies. This episode shows the viewer what's in store by giving us a glimpse of well written stories, great suspense and spectacular battle sequences between the Voltron Force and the Drule Empire lead by the evil and determined Emporer Zeppo.