Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 57

It'll Be a Cold Day

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1984 on

Episode Recap

However, he carries a limp Romelle out of the cell and when she returns looking soiled and broken enough to collapse weeping on the hard, cold floor one has to wonder if Lotor had his way with her. Romelle thinks back to the events in "My Brother is a Robeast", building her resolve to escape the dreadful Planet Doom. With the help of her fellow cellmates, the women manage to steal a ship and take off. Lotor has her shot down near planet Neve. She's forced to crash land but sends out a distress signal first. Of course, the VF pick up on it and decide to mount a rescue mission. Bandor, Romelle's little brother, also speeds to her rescue.

Haggar is already lying in wait for them. And using an old trick, the witch pulls the false identity trick a-la Aunt Orla by assuming Romelle's identity. She seems to have trouble getting that gnarly hand of hers to make the change and thus, Haggar's cover is blown. A brief fight ensues, ending with the Doomite side having captured both Romelle and Bandor.

Lotor demands that the Princess give herself up to save the lives of the other two. While a blizzard rages, Allura starts to make the trek of surrender. Keith follows, and partway through the trip he covers himself in snow so he can take Allura's place. When he reaches Lotor, all heck breaks loose. After a skirmish, Keith gets back to Black Lion so Voltron can take care of a Robeast that's now on the loose. It's not a total victory for Voltron though, as Lotor still went away with Romelle as his prisoner.

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