Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 7

Little Buddies

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1985 on

Episode Recap

On Doom, Cossack is at Zarkon's chamber, knocking in the hopes of seeing the King. Lotor shows up to point out that Zarkon is sleeping - he's always sleeping - but not Lotor. He's always thinking. Thinking of ways to take the throne. All in all, a really weird and pointless-feeling exchange. Lotor exits - perhaps to go think some more? - while Haggar shows up to enlist Cossack in her latest evil plot (she did have a good snarky line about Cossack being a fool lol).

Meanwhile, as Hunk flies through space alone, he flashes back to his first time on that planet. Going there was a test of sorts for the Alliance, to see if he had what it took to join. The place had just been devastated by Zarkon's forces, but before he could decide where to begin, a kid shoved him and stole his suitcase - full of food.

Hunk hunts the kid down, who was sharing the suitcase contents with his friends, and challenges him. The kid turns out to be a big talker, but once Hunk sets him straight, they team up and make nice. They worked together to rebuild the towns.

The Galaxy Alliance also picks up a signal from the Azure quadrant but are shocked to find out Hunk's alone out there. They urge him to return to his team but he refuses - he's on vacation! It turns out the transport the GA picked up on was a decoy, while Haggar and Cossack slip by undetected to do the real harm. More amusing dialogue occurs between the "unrespected duo" as they plot to ambush the Yellow Lion. Although, bearing witness to Hunk actually singing in the next scene may have scarred me for life.

Hunk lands on the planet and disembarks from his Lion toting lots of gear. He has a gleeful reunion with the kids, even though you'd think they'd have aged *some* by now. It's too much to ask for logic or consistancy from an 80s toon I guess!

While Hunk is off enjoying his vacation and visiting his friends, the Doomies land on the planet undetected. Cossack locates the abandoned Yellow Lion and climbs aboard. "I'm going to tame this Lion like a little **** is perhaps the line of the show, heh heh.

Cossack quickly gets annoyed when the thing won't fly - never considering the novel idea of keys - but it matters little to Haggar. She just wants to take the ship apart. Two of the kids stumble upon the scene and narrowly escape to go warn Hunk and the others.

Hunk arrives to find his Lion heavily guarded, so he enlists the kids to create a distraction. The plan almost works, but the kids get captured and Hunk is forced to surrender. Hunk stalls long enough to pass of his Lion key to the girl that climbed onto his Lion with him.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is near the planet and wondering if they should go interrupt Hunk's vacation. Upon getting a scrambled signal from Yellow Lion, the others move in. Turns out the girl is in the Lion and is trying to operate it with mixed results. But with the team's help, the girl safely lands and Hunk is back in the pilot's seat.

Voltron is needed to handle a little Robeast problem. After a brief fight, Voltron wins, the kids are happy, and the Doomies retreat. It ends with Cossack and Haggar groveling before Zarkon, who is not pleased with another defeat.
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