Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 17

Lotor, My Hero?

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Back on Arus, a young girl has come to the Voltron Force for help. The girl, Debra, is worried about her sick mother. She explains that her mother came upon Haggar in the woods while Haggar was "getting beautiful" by reverting back to her old self. Getting caught doing so embarrasses Haggar so she made the woman pay by hurting her with magic. Alfor appears to tell Allura that the woman's only hope is a super rare flower that must be nurtured with love in order to use it's healing properties. As luck would have it, one is due to bloom soon.

Meanwhile, Lotor tries once again to kill his father and claim the throne, but Zarkon isn't so easily dealt with. He imprisons Lotor in a cell with some hideous millipedes to keep him company. However, the millipedes decide to eat through the wall instead of Lotor.

The flower finally appears on Arus and its vine grows up the castle wall. Haggar send Coba to Arus to get the flower and bring it to her. She hopes to use it to lure the Voltron Force into a trap. In the meantime, Sven has discovered a Doom base on Pollux and investigates. Before going in, he sends Bandor off to warn the Voltron force.

Soon as they learn what's going on on Pollux, the teams head to Pollux instead of continuing to persue Haggar and the flower. They show up just in time to save Sven who is under heavy attack from Doom robots and fighters. Zarkon fights back by putting one of those millipedes in Haggar's robeast maker. Haggar also re-routes to show up on Pollux to give Zarkon a hand. While the Lions battle the robeast, Haggar calls the castle to gloat about having the only flower that can save Debra's mother. Allura is there too, apparently unaware of the danger her friends are in. Haggar incinerates the flower.

The robeast is just about to finish off Keith, who like the other boys, got out of their Lions to try to save the flower. Suddenly, another robeast just like the first attacks - but not the boys, but its fellow robeast! The team is saved by a most unlikely hero: Lotor. He arrives to take credit and declare war on his own father.

The girl's mother is not lost either. Though the one flower was gone, in the end the vine brought forth many more because of the love between the Voltron Force, and the woman was saved. Yay.
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