Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 60

Lotor, the King

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1984 on

Episode Recap

They're too late, for Romelle manages to break into the lab and starts to destroy it. Haggar must get the Zarkon robeast out before it's destroyed with her lab. The lab blows up, but not before Zarkon escapes in his robeast.

And the fight is on, between Voltron and his arch enemy in the form of a hideous, powerful beast. Lotor watches from the throne while Haggar prays to the dark spirits for Zarkon to be granted extra strength. The battle is fierce - Zarkon manages to even break the Blazing Sword with his hatchet. With the hatchet buried in Voltron's chest, it looks like curtains for him. But then Alfor appears and tells Allura to place her key on the seal of Arus. She then asks the space mice to do the task for her. They get in their mousy ship to help. The key placed on the seal sends out a cross that hits Zarkon in the head and heals the Blazing Sword. The robeast is destroyed soon after, but it's shown that Zarkon himself escaped vowing to reclaim the throne. Celebrating on the VF's part is short lived, for they have slaves to rescue and Lotor to contend with. On Drule, Hazar isn't very confident Doom can handle Voltron and his fears are somewhat realized when news of the defeat of the Zarkon robeast reaches him. He's almost resigned to the idea that the Drules are going to lose control of that galaxy. But Lotor isn't finished with Voltron yet. He fires missiles that end up acting more like mines, so that if Voltron moves they detonate in his face.

Sven and Romelle attack the missile launcher and destroy it. An attack fleet is on its way to attack the helpless Voltron, but in a surprise move, Haggar neutrolizes the missiles around Voltron. Lotor is stunned, but it's her payback to him from when he earlier told her she was on her own. The moral? Don't piss off a mage.

After a brief show down between Haggar and Lotor, Lotor is ready to give it all he's got against Voltron. Meanwhile, Voltron takes care of the attack fleet and splits up into the Lions. Turns out Castle Doom has some new tricks, and the Lions can't handle it alone.

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