Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 60

Lotor, the King

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1984 on



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    • The episode of King of Beasts GoLion used to create this episode of Voltron is titled "GoLion's Desperate Battle." In that episode, Emperor Daibazaal (King Zarkon in Voltron.) dies inside the Mechablack Beastman Galra (Robeast in Voltron.) when GoLion destroys the Beastman with his sword. Honerva (Haggar in Voltron) reveals to Prince Imperial Sincline (Prince Lotor in Voltron.) that she is Daibazaal's mother. Honerva also tells Sincline that Sincline's mother was from Altea (Arus in Voltron.) In a fit of rage, Sincline kills Honerva's pet cat Jaga (Unnamed in Voltron.) and then kills Honerva herself.

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